DRESS TO IMPRESS: A peak into Czech Fashion

Czech Republic presently known as Czechia, is ranked the 7th most peaceful and safe country around the globe. It is globally renowned for its breathtaking castles, medieval architecture and picturesque scenery. It is one of the top tourist destinations. A place where elegance meets adventure. Czech Fashion is defined as daring, colour-charged and jaunty. Two complete parallels run the fashion game, while on one had it is Edgy and Urban while on the other it is Elegant and Chic. 


Czechia’s main city, Prague, is known as “the City of a Hundred Spires.” After Rome, Paris, and London, it is the fourth most popular destination in Europe.

The largest castle in the world, Prague Castle spans 18 acres and has chapels, gardens, and palaces.

The Prague astronomical clock, which is the oldest functioning clock in the world and one of the most magnificent attractions, was constructed more than 600 years ago. St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and the unusual Dancing House are a few other must-see locations (which was inspired by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire).

Being a tourist one should plan an outfit that is comfortable for the sun, the warmer days makes it though to travel around and a hassle free outfit helps making the task easy, but along with that, don’t forget to carry a jacket or pullover as the nights might not be as warm. 

Czech Krumlov 

The River Vltava, which you can paddle down in the summer, cuts through Czech Krumlov like it does Prague.

In front of a gorgeous green backdrop of mountains and sprawling fields, the city is renowned for its Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque style architecture. The Cathedral of St. Vitus, one of the most notable structures in Czech Krumlov, offers free entrance whenever Mass is not in session.

Comfortable shoes are a must in Czech Krumlov, owing to the rugged terrains and and lots of stairs. The city has lots of museums and one doesn’t want to leave out on the chance of exploring them, hence the comfortable shoes and outfits, one that are fit for any kind of challenge one might face in due course.  

Karlovy Vary

The Czech Republic’s west Bohemia region includes Karlovy Vary, usually referred to as Carlsbad, which is renowned for its thermal hot springs. The spa district features several recognisable colonnades and is located beside a river. It is the spa town that receives the most visitors nationwide.

A ceramic cup for drinking the therapeutic waters is a distinctive souvenir you can purchase. You can snack on “spa wafers,” which are paper-thin spherical wafers that come in a variety of flavours, in between soaking periods.

What one desires after a day of spa is soft warm breeze. And a flowing and dressy outfit makes the task easy. Loose fit dresses and shirts, light fabric clothes paired with cute accessories such as headbands, watches and bracelets makes it good to go!

Top fashion advice for the Czech Republic

  • The most popular travel destination in the Czech Republic is Prague. There are no true dress codes because it is a fairly touristy city with visitors from all over the world, however locals typically wear smart casual.
  • The most common clothing items are jeans and t-shirts, with most people sporting dark blue or black pairs.
  • For bars and restaurants, there is typically no particular dress code, thus smart-casual attire is acceptable.
  • Although the churches are magnificent and frequently host free public performances, keep in mind that you must dress modestly.
  • Carry a jacket or jumper to keep warm when sitting outside because Prague has a highly vibrant street cafe scene.
  • Boat tours on the Vltava river are a fantastic way to explore the sites, you’ll need a pashmina or pullover to protect yourself from the brisk breeze. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen and keep in mind that the sun’s rays will bounce off the water if it is sunny.
  • Leave your swimwear at home if you’re visiting a big city because it’s highly improbable that you’ll discover facilities to use it.

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