Valentine 2023: If Your Partner Loves Travelling, Here is What You Can Do


The month of love is here and couples all around the globe are making their loved ones feel special. Why don’t you plan a surprise trip for your partner this Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry about the planning, we can help you with a few amazing tips to start with. Keep reading and get ready to have a memorable trip with your partner on Valentine’s.

Here is how To Plan A Surprise Trip For Your Partner This Valentine:

Ask them indirectly:

The first and foremost important point to keep in mind before planning a surprise trip is to ask them indirectly about dates they will be free or if they have any scheduled work they can’t ignore during that time when you are planning for the trip.

Be wise and take out all the details smartly, because maximum of us are working professionals and a sudden trip ticket might not make us happy or might give us a panic attack instead of happiness, so don’t make a decision which will hamper the responsibilities of your partner and do check whether they will be free for the dates or you can be flexible with the dates.

Valentine trip

Try hard to Keep it secret:

Do not let your partner know the details and have a cover story prepared if necessary. Because the whole motive to plan a surprise trip is to not let them know. Let your partner see this side of yours where he or she thinks how good you are at planning surprises like a perfect trip for your valentine.

Never let anyone know around their friend circle as well, because believe me my friend, if they are good friends, they are gonna tell your partner. No matter what, your partner will know and then it will be all ruined.

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Make arrangements in advance:

This one is really important because we don’t want you to face any challenges or discomfort while you are taking your partner on a surprise trip. Make sure whatever activities you wish to do or whatever is your partner’s favorite, you book in advance.

If you wish to do any adventure activity, book it online. Usually, what happens is you have to wait a long to get it on the spot and they will charge you more. If you wish to visit some place that requires entry tickets, book it in advance.

Valentine trip

Make sure you don’t tag along with anyone:

Don’t ask friends and family to join you. This might ruin the special feeling you are planning for your partner. Also, don’t merge your trip with anyone traveling and planning a similar trip. You can meet your friends and family here and there for some time in a day if they happen to be in the same place but travelling with a group and then calling it a surprise trip for your love is not justifiable.

Understand the exquisiteness of the trip you are planning because the only purpose of you doing this much hard work to make it a perfect experience for your love is to spend some quality time with them alone and make your bond stronger.

Pack surprise gifts:

To add more fun and aww moments to your surprise trip, you can buy small gifts which your partner would like and pack them up. And while you are on the go exploring the world with your love, surprise them with these gifts throughout the travel.

This one is not mandatory but if you do it, your partner will remember the trip with a more stretchy smile. You can surprise them with these gifts in all locations you step, or at different sightseeing, you are going to do together.


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