Why Karnataka is called as the ‘Land of Sunshine’?


If Japan is called as the Land of the rising sun, a vast area in the South west of India on the Northern region in the state of Karnataka is called as the ‘Land of Sunshine’.

Famously known as the Northern Maiden region. This land is a plain that stretches from the East of Malnad at an impressive height of 450 to 760 meters above sea level. The area slopes towards the east which rises its elevation from North to South.

Karnataka , Landof sunshine

Why is it called as the Northern Maiden?

The sizzling heat of the overhead sun that blazes its way on this region creating the Alluvial soil or the black soil in the area. This soil is rich in lime, phosphorous and potash. Making the region very fertile.

This mega plateau is scientifically believed to be the result of three major rivers flooding. That will be Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra. It has been drained by many other rivers like Yamuna and Gandak. Making the soil to turn black.

It is also called as the rain shadow region of Karnataka. The region gets rain from the rivers flowing all year round, making the plains an agriculturally blessed. Yet most part of the area is Barren and agriculture is purely dependent on rain.

Cotton is the most harvested crop in the Northern Maiden. Jowar , Bajra & pulses see the harvest season too.


Can you go to the Northern Maiden in Karnataka?

Absolutly yes! The districts including Vijayapura, Bidar, Kalaburgi, Yadgiri, Gagad, Koppal, Raichur , Bellary, Haveri, Bagalkot are covered in the northern maiden. Many hiking spots are found around the region.

From falls to beautiful scenic hills and rock forts, North east Karnataka is a delight for the ones who want it all!

The Kannada accent in the Northern Maiden is spicy! Just like their popular delicacies. People hear are known to speak a roughed tone of Kannada. The famous ‘jowar roti’ is widely eaten here. From cotton Kurthis to to Ilkal sarees, North Karnataka is smartly minimalistic and simply beautiful.

Badami caves

Places to see in Northern Maiden of Karnataka.

The northen maiden plains elevate from the Malnad, which means a certain stretch of it is a green belt. Then the plain takes us to the searing hot region which sings its own story.

The Maragunda Hills – A favorite hiking spot which is gaining popularity. This place is a hiker’s paradise. The nearest point to the northern maiden region from Malnad will be Maragund Hills. The place is located 30kms from Sakleshpur.

Parashgad Fort – Very near to Soundatti village in Yadagiri. It is popularly known as Parasagada Gudda. A 500 meter rocky hill which hosts an ancient fort. The hill is perpendicular and looks very unique in nature, making the Northern Maiden region the best travel destination in Karnataka.

Gokak Falls

Ilkal Gudda – This is a town in Bagalkot district with small pink hills that joins the Northern Maiden tribe at the plateau. A place popularly known for its sarees, ‘Ilkal sarees’ which is seen with a specific border weaved with an ancient weaving technique. You can find many shopping centers in Ilkal. The pink granite hills are not short of granite queries around the region.

Gurmitkal – Located in Yadagiri District, Gurmitkal nestles quite a few tourist attractions and picnic spots. Like Dhaba Dhabi falls, Malla falls, Narayanapura dam, Yadgiri Fort and more. The district is known as the ‘Daal Bowl’ of the state. Definitely worth a visit.

Gogak Falls – Tucked away in the Belagavi District, Gokak falls is one of the favorite tourist places in Karnataka. A huge waterfalls that is a treat to the eye, is in the shape of a horse shoe. With an incredible leap of 170ft, the Gokak falls is a child of Ghataprabha River. Its close resemblance with the Niagara Falls makes it the top tourist places in Karnataka.

Badami – One of the important cities of Karnataka. The Badami caves play a major role in retelling the History of Karnataka. Built by the Chalukya, this town babysits many caves, ancient temples and is famous for rock cut Canara archeology. Badami stays eternal as the cultural heritage of Karnataka. A must visit place if you are in North Karnataka.

Other notable places to visit in the Northern Maiden area of Karnataka are – Aihole, Pattadkal, Kudala Sangama , Bidar Fort, Godchinmalki Falls, Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur).


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