What Are the Different types of Indian Passports? Their Benefits & Uses


To a county which is huge in both mass and population, India needs a strategic plan to deal with the central ID. The passport being the international ID for all the countries across globe, to make it easy and to maintain a reliable relationship with the world process, India has opted to be smooth functioning.

different types of Indian Passports

Are there different types of Indian Passports?

Yes. There are currently four types of Indian passports. Each of them made sure to ensure effortless travel and benefit it’s holder. Read along to know about them.

different types of Indian Passports

The Type P or Tatkal Passport (Blue Passoport)

Mainly referred as Tatkal in India, these passports are issued to the general public of the county. These navy blue passports include the name, date of birth and a passport size photograph obviously! Blue passport holders can use it for vacations, business trips and personal travel.

Once the mandatory requirements, physical round and a background check by the cops, you will receive this passport through courier.

different types of Indian Passports

The Official passport (White Passport)

The representatives of the government are the given a white passport. These passports hold some weightage and helps the holder to make official business travel. This passport helps in identifying the official status of the holder and treat them suitably.

different types of Indian Passports

The diplomatic Passport (Maroon Passport)

These maroon gateway passports are issued to the high – level officials of the country such as IAS (Indian Administrative Service) or IPS (Indian Police Service) etc. The diplomatic envoys and emissaries are given this passport.

The perks of having this passport is, it restricts the other countries to take action against this passport holder. The immigration is easy for Maroon passport holders. Basically they represent the whole nation with this passport.

A ‘passing’ fact!

There is a network of 543 passports offices across India, 89 embassies and 108 consulates abroad.

different types of Indian Passports

The Orange Passport

This is a new type of passport introduced by the Government of India in 2018. The orange passport is issue to those people who haven’t completed their high school. This is called the ECR status. What is special about this Orange passport is, the holder can use it for many other verification purposes. Like obtaining a driver’s license, school enroll and international travel.

To maintain the safety of uneducated citizens of India, this passport also ensures the citizenship status of the holder. Not only verifying the citizen but also showing their immigration status, this passport assures national security.

How to apply for a new passport in India?


The official site for passports, known as the ‘Passport Seva’, powered by the Ministry of External Affairs, gives you all the details you need.

Is there an expiry date on my passport?

Yes. Just like every bag of cheetos. The usual validity of a passport is 10 years in India. Normally, children would get it up to 5 years. It is very important to timely check and update your passports.

If your passport is dusted for more than 3 years, you must apply for a ‘reissue of passport’. So, do not forget to apply for a renewal before the expiry date.

Serious fact

You can’t smile in the passport photos. Don’t smile. No expressions. Just like the confused thing you are… just look at the camera.


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