What Is Space Tourism and Possibilities India Might Have It


How many types of tourism do you know? Ever counted? Let us help you that there are so many different kinds of tourism like Mass tourism, cultural tourism, religious tourism, MICE tourism, Health and wellness tourism, etc. Just like that there is a completely new form of tourism is under process and that is called “Space Tourism”.

Yes, you read that right, by this kind of tourism, you will be able to go into space and can have a beautiful view of our mother earth from space that too as a common man and not an astronaut. Now let us understand in detail what is Space tourism and Possibilities India might have it.

Space tourism

What is space tourism?

Traveling into space is known as space tourism. Space tourism is a new industry that’s growing exponentially. It’s now possible to travel into outer space, and it’s not just for the rich and famous anymore; anyone can go. It’s one of the newest, most exciting ways to experience the universe and get a firsthand look at what it feels like to be an astronaut.

It can be also said as another specialized area of the aviation sector is space tourism, which aims to allow visitors to take on the role of astronauts and experience space travel for leisure, business, or other reasons.

What are the Possibilities India might have it?

A space capsule that can carry up to six people and a pilot into space is currently being built by the Mumbai-based Space Aura Aerospace Technology Pvt Ltd business. And all of this will occur by 2025. One may observe the curve of the Earth and the vastness of space from a distance of 35 kilometres above sea level.

Space tourism

According to the company’s plans, visitors will be transported 35 kilometres above the planet on a spaceship connected to a special high-altitude balloon system. The 10-foot-by-8-foot spaceship will be equipped with the required communication & life support systems. The space balloon will ultimately disconnect once it is time to return to Earth & begin to gently shrink. To guarantee a safe landing, a parachute will take its place. Travelers can take advantage of this for around an hour.

Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have been chosen as probable launch locations for these upcoming space missions. Additionally, the company intends to reduce the cost of the space journey significantly compared to SpaceX & Blue Origin.

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