Interesting Facts & Secrets About Brihadeeshwara Temple Thanjavur


1) Monument having no shadow falling on the ground:

1) Monument having no shadow falling on the ground:

The most amazing feature of this monument is that it doesn’t cast any shadows throughout the day. The only monument without a shadow is Brihadeshwara Temple. The way the stones are arranged in this temple’s structure gives the impression that the shadow of the Brihadeeshwara temple never touches the ground.

2) Who Built Brihadeeswarar temple and when it was built:

The Chola King Raja Raja constructed the Brihadeeswarar Temple between 1003 and 1010 AD. According to inscriptions discovered at the temple, Kunjara Mallan Raja Raja Rama Perunthachan was the temple’s architect and engineer. It has a Dravidian architectural design. The Brihadeeshwara temple’s architecture is characterised by its large towers, tall gopurams (towers), expansive campus, several shrines surrounding the main shrine, inscriptions, and intricate decorations.

3) Amazing Architecture:

3) Amazing Architecture:

The Mandir was constructed utilising the interlocking technique, which avoided the use of cement, plaster, or adhesive between the stones. It has endured a millennium and six earthquakes. Granite forms the 13-story structure that houses the temple. It is estimated that the Shikhara (dome) alone weighs close to 80 tonnes. This Big Temple is visible from anywhere in Thanjavur. If you get lost, it is a fantastic place to look for directions. A metal vase with a lotus pattern sits atop the shikhara. The pot allegedly contains inscriptions that list the names of numerous rulers.

4) It has Tallest Sanctum Tower:

The tower over the sanctum of this Chola temple is higher than the gopuram (tower) at the entry, which is its most distinctive feature. The temple tower is thought to be the tallest of its kind in the entire world at 70 metres high. According to legend, the Vimana’s main stone weighed 235 lbs. Even today, it is a wonder how humanity managed to build this enormous dome all the way to the top without using contemporary technology.

5) Natural colours of the temple:

5) Natural colours of the temple:

Did you know that all of the paintings found inside the Brihadeeshwara Temple were created using natural colours? These colours come from organic materials like flowers, spices, leaves, etc. The paintings’ hues are still vibrant and vigorous after 1000 years.

6) World Heritage Site and Platform for talented dancers:

In 1987, the Brihadishvara Temple received the World Heritage designation. It is a marvel of Chola art and architecture because of its soaring pyramidal shrine, hefty entrances, and ancient paintings. Here, carvings of Bharata Natyam dancers known as nartakis are seen performing eighty-one of one hundred & 8 karanas. These karanas are a subset of those listed in the Natya Shastra of Bharata Muni or Sage Bharata. There is evidence that the temple acted as a platform for the performances of talented dancers.

7) Still a mystery:

According to legend, the Mandir is connected to a number of underground corridors, the majority of which were long since blocked off. These tunnels are thought to have served as the Cholas’ escape routes and safety nets. According to some sources, there are 100 of these passages.
Despite the extensive investigation into the temple, the precise architectural plan and features remain a mystery. The Brihadeeswarar Temple’s architectural secrets, mysteries, and wonders still have not yet been fully uncovered or interpreted.


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