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Explore the Largest Brittany Island in France

Belle-Île, Belle-Île-en-Mer, or Belle Isle is an island in France off to the coast of Brittany in Morbihan. This hidden gem of an island in France lies 14 kilometres (7+1⁄2 nautical miles) from the Quiberon peninsula.

This laudable island is so seductive in its own stunning beauty that, it might even try to tempt you into being an artist. And deservingly so. The Belle isle is home to turquoise blue oceans with impressive rock formations spilled around the Northwest bays of France. Those rocks have led to the creation of many grottos around the area.

Unlike Quiberon (a spa town with pearl-like beaches on the eastern side of the Quiberon Peninsula) Belle isle maintains a natural appearance. The island is apx 84 kilo meters, making it the largest Brittany Island and a wonderful travel destination in France.

Belle Isle is a perfect bucket list places to visit in France, if you like to be surrounded by nature in a quiet place. Offering the best photographs of the biggest lighthouses and cave ports, Belle isle is fantastic holiday vacation.

 Belle Isle

Must do things in Belle Isle

Explore Citadelle Vauban

The first stop in Belle isle will be Le Palaise. It is the largest community on the island. The area is a military site. Named after a military engineer, who redesigned a fort here. This place is famous for its views and very pleasant to take strolls. You can also learn about the local lore at the on-site Musée de la Citadelle Vauban.

Visit Grand Phare

Grand Phare is a light house built in 1835. It is located at Port Goulphar and rises 275 feet above sea level. The lighthouse is massive and has one of the most powerful beacons in Europe. It is said to be visible from 120 km (75 miles) across Atlantic Ocean. You can even climb up the top if the keeper is available. A must see place in Belle Isle.

Grotte de lApothicairerie

Get Lost in Grotte de l’Apothicairerie

The Grotte de l’Apothicairerie derives its name from the local language that means Apothecary. The cave is said to resemble an apothecary bottle. The Grotte de l’Apothicairerie is famous from olden times for the cormorant’s nests that resided on it. This place is the most suitable for watching sunsets and to immerse inside the alluring cave.

Experience Sauzon

Sauzon is the most prettiest fishing harbor in Belle Isle. You can see the Quiberon Peninsula across the sea and the splendid coastal cliffs.

Les Aiguilles De Port Coton

The favorite tourist destination in Belle Isle. The port of Coton is famous for its rouged rocky beach. The place looks straight from the front cover of Classmate books. The Port of coton is famous for one more thing. Monet painted them many times. It is the most photographed highlight on Belle-Ile and an unforgettable highlight of your visit!

Grotte de lApothicairerie

Golf De Belle-Isle En Mer

The most unique place in Belle isle. Why? Because this is a golf course that overlooks the sea. The course describes itself as “organic” and true to its words there are no artificial additions. At times you will have to hit low to avoid the wind. While on hole 2, you will have to hit a minimum of 160m directly over the sea. A wonderful recreation and a bucket list things to do in Belle Isle.

There are four main villages on the island of Belle-ile, and each village takes its name from the commune (parish) that surrounds it. The four communes are;


Le Palais



The name Belle Isle actually means Beautiful Island. You will see why so many people are loving it when you see it for yourself.

How to Reach?

Lorient South Brittany Airport or Aéroport de Lorient Bretagne Sud (IATA: LRT, ICAO: LFRH), also known as Lorient-Lann-Bihoué Airport, is the airport that will get you near Belle isle.

The island can be reached by ferry from Quiberon which is a 45 minute boat trip away. There are mostly 10 trips a day between the mainland and the island in the summer. Will be less outside high season.

Le Palais is the place you are looking for hotels and restaurants. This town is located at the east coast of the island. I recommend reserving your ferry in advance, especially if you are bringing a car with you. You can also find many places that rent bikes in La Palais.


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