Top Travel Myths Busted


Myth – Recirculated air on airplanes makes you sick

While COVID has made us all way too conscious and aware is not a part of my blaming. This myth has been around long before the pandemic and it’s still false.

Here’s why: Airplanes are not hermetically sealed environments, so fresh air from the outside is continuously circulated through the cabin. Some of it is recycled, but that doesn’t mean it’s not clean. Airplanes have hospital-grade air filters. These filters cycle the air every few minutes and capture 99.97% of airborne particles. And no, the recycled air doesn’t make you sick.

Top Travel Myths Busted

Myth – You Have to Travel Far to Travel Adventurously

All those travel sites show exotic locations which are somewhere away in a foreign country and takes most of your time and money and energy. Nope.

Here’s Why: you don’t need to travel to some another country. Adventure is everywhere. Think, United states alone has 58 national parks. Colorado is home to North America’s tallest surface lift, as well as the biggest lift-served vertical in the country: Aspen-Snowmass is at 12,510 feet high. The North Shore of Oahu claims some of the world’s most monstrous waves, topping 30 feet!

You don’t have to go looking for adventure, its everywhere. And sometimes, you have to create it. (Secret: Adventure awaits you)

Myth – Hostels are risky

Hostels are unsafe, filled with parties and have bed bugs. While actually, hostels are safe and smart.

Here’s Why: Modern hostels have a modern décor. They won’t have bunks. Hostels come with many charging stations and have the local food to offer. This will save up your money and also give you an authentic travel experience.

Top Travel Myths Busted

Also a great opportunity to make friends! As long as you are careful about choosing the location and checking the reviews, a hostel is the best place for a nice and budget friendly travel.

Myth – Solo travelling is dangerous

Alice – It is impossible

Mad Hatter – Only if you believe it is.

And just like that, we turn around one corner of our fear. Solo travel has always been subjected to some world class safety issues and ooo’s and aaa’s from people.

Here’s why: Being safe means different to different type of people. Usually it’s the mom’s upper hand over the debate. Because she birthed you with bearing 9 months in her belly. How can you just decide to go on a solo travel? Solo travelling is nothing but your calling. It is a little research blended with a lot of common sense that goes a long way.

Take the necessary precautions and you are good to go. Your mom will love you nevertheless though. It all comes down to believing in yourself.


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