Want Schengen Visa Without Rejection And Early? Know The Countries From Where You Can Get It Easily.


If you are planning to travel to Europe and are concerned about obtaining a Schengen visa, you are on the right page. In this article we are going to help you with the name of a few Countries from where obtaining a Schengen visa is comparatively easy.

Please note that the ease of obtaining a Schengen visa can depend on a variety of factors, including your nationality, purpose of travel, and the documentation you provide. Also, the process is the same to get a Schengen visa, there is no shortcut or scheme to it. The only difference is how fast you can get it or which country responds soon and has the lowest rejection rate when it comes to Schengen visas.

Here is the list of countries from where obtaining a Schengen visa is quickest and easiest without heavy rejection:


One of the most well-liked travel destinations worldwide is France. France welcomes more tourists than any other country in the world thanks to its famed museums, art galleries, châteaux and palaces, landscape, and great gastronomy.

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and other well-known landmarks make Paris the most well-known city in France. If you apply for a visa through the Kolkata consulate, there is only a 5% rejection rate for France.

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Obtaining a Europe Schengen visa from Finland is simple despite the country receiving a large number of visa requests. Finland had a 1.7% rejection rate, which indicates that there is still a chance for Indian nationals to obtain visas for Europe easily without getting rejected.


Luxembourg once again topped the statistical list in 2021 for the nation that granted the most visa requests. Only 29 visas out of 2,384 applicants were turned down by the nation.

Your gateway into the Schengen nations may be the picturesque, little country of Luxembourg. One of the simplest nations to obtain a Schengen visa for is Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a favourable location to apply for a Schengen visa with a refusal rate of just 3.7%.

What Is Schengen Visa? With Schengen Visa, You Can Visit 27 European Countries In 90 Days, Here Is The ListWhat Is Schengen Visa? With Schengen Visa, You Can Visit 27 European Countries In 90 Days, Here Is The List


Obtaining a Schengen visa is simple in Lithuania. The fact that Lithuania receives fewer Schengen visa applications than nations like Germany and France is a major factor in this. Also, this implies that applicants won’t have to wait too long to schedule an appointment or learn the outcome of their application.

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The 2018 rejection rates place another Baltic nation among the easiest to obtain a Schengen visa from. Only 1.6% of the requests submitted to Estonian embassies overseas were denied, and the remaining 98.4% received approval for a short-term visa to the Schengen Area. Moreover, Estonia’s embassies are less busy because it is the Schengen country with the fewest visa requests.


Another one of the Baltic nations where obtaining a Schengen visa is simpler for tourists is Latvia. All three Baltic nations are therefore excellent choices for Schengen visa applications. You have a decent chance of getting a visa from this nation without being denied, as only 2.1% of the 97.9% of applications received were rejected.


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