Visit the Picturesque Town of Hallstatt: Austria


Hallstatt is an Alpine town located Austria. This town is famed for its Lake called Hallstatt in a village namely Salzkammergut and its scenic beauty resembling the one in your greeting card picture. Tracing back its history to 400BC and its unquenching salt mines, this lake city is the perfect getaway destination in Austria.

Hallstatt is famed for its production of salt. The Germanic name actually translates into ‘the place of salt’. Turns out, Hallstatt is producing salt for 7000 years now and also home to Salzwelten, the oldest salt mine in the world. Hallstatt bears the proud recognition as the world cultural heritage site of UNESCO and receives an impressive tourist population over 800,000 a year.

According to Google, the village of Hallstatt gives its name to a period in history! That is, the Hallstatt period, which is “a cultural phase of the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age in Europe (circa 1200-600 BC in temperate continental areas)”.


When to see this place?

Hallstatt is a place for all the seasons. The slowy mountains offers a passionate scenery with a wide range of winter sports. While the summer and spring pulls in with its furniculat coloreful houses and the best scenic places in Austria. Hallstatt receives more than 2200 tourists in an average day!

Things to do in Hallstatt, Austria.


A beautiful city full of lakes and picturesque scenes. You can relax among the huge snow covered mountains and enjoy a great view of the city. These mountains have a golden hue in summer. This scenic location is where the sound of music was filmed. A must visit if you are in Austria.

Hallstätter See

The name itself tell you to ‘see’. So go take look at the Halstatter See. It is a lake located with the sheer background of huge mountains. In the olden times when salt was an expensive commodity, this lake was used as a transporation. Today, this is a popular tourist attractions in Hallstatt.

Hoher Dachstein

Your holdiday is far from complete if you don’t visit Hallstatt’s breath taking glaciers. Hoher Dachstein is the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps. Take a gondola to reach to the top of the summit and Mother Nature will present you with her glorious panorama. Sandwiched between upper Austria and Styria Hoher Dachstein is one of the most beautiful glaciers in Austria.

Sky walk of Hallstatt

Located 360 meters above the sea level, the skywalk of Hallstatt gives a bird eye view of the valley. You can ride on a funicular from Hallstatt city to the skywalk. Take your camera with you and visit the mountain restaurant of Rudolfsturm while you are there.

Salzwelten Hallstatt

Remember? I told you about the 7000 year old salt mine? Well, this is it. It is a must see place in Hallstatt. Take tour of mines and discover the secrets of mankind. Do not miss the Bronze Age cinema 400 meters below the ground.


Did you know?

The Chinese have built a replica of Hallstatt. Yup! There are two Hallstatts. The Chinese one is actually a replica and a part of a high-end residential project. It was opened in 2012.

Hallstatt museum

The Hallstatt museum offers an extensive collection of artifacts from the local salt mines and the cemeteries of the past. A major tourist destination in Hallstatt.

Hallstatt Ossuary

This town full of fairy tale charm hides a dark place of Ossuary Hallstatt Ossuary or Hallstatt Chapel House as it is referred to, is a small building in Hallstatt with over 1,200 stacked skulls. Hallstatt is a type of small town that would run short of burial grounds. In 1700’s, the church decided to dig up old corpses and preserve it. These skulls are artistically painted and displayed. A must see in Hallstatt!



Located in the Dachstein Glacier is Eispalast. It is an icy place of importance in history carved in ice. Which include the salt mines of Hallstatt and carved spectacles of Styria. These carvings are immaculately detailed and a best place to visit with kids and family.
Nearby cities and towns to visit from Hallstatt

Salzburg 74kms

Obertraun 3 km

Gosau 9 km

Bad Goisern 9.6 km

Bad Aussee 11.8 km

Altaussee 12.7 km

Rußbach am Paß Gschütt 14.1 km

Ramsau am Dachstein 15 km

Pichl-Kainisch 15.7 km

Annaberg-Lungötz 16.6 km

Filzmoos 16.6 km

Grundlsee 16.8 km

Bad Ischl 17.3 km


Did you know?

Hallstatt looks just like its pictures. Yes, with its paster colored houses decorating the streets and its view from the lake, I’d say Hallstatt is the most instagramable place on earth.

How to reach?

It is easy. Fly from your nearest airport to Salzburg. From there you need to take a bus to Bad Ischl. Once you get there, you can take a train to Obertraun.

Here is the best part, from Obertraun you need to take a boat to cross the lake! The complete train journey from Salzburg to Hallstatt is possible but not recommended.


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