Trip to Gudvangen Norway, Walk among the Real Vikings


Situated in the old Viking area full of charm and beautiful scenery is Gudvangen. Listed among the UNESCO sites, Gudvangen belongs to the Viking village of Njardarheimr or the starting place of the Fjord cruise through Nærøyfjorden. Located just 20 minutes away from Flåm, one of the most beautiful Fjords. Njardarheimr is a valley where a real Viking village is located. This Fjord village is trapped between 2 majestically breath taking mountains.

“The world’s most beautiful and spectacular fjord, UNESCO Nærøyfjorden” as titled by the UNESCO itself. Gudvangen is also called as a Viking Village. A perfect vacation destination, if you love cultures, legends and the myths.

During the Viking Age, Gudvangen was an important place for trading. Gudvangen, by Nærøyfjord, is known as “the place of the Gods”. Nærøyfjord is dedicated to Njord, the God of trading and sailing.


What to see in Gudvangen?


In the Viking village of Njardarheimr, you will see a charming village with weird people. Nah, am just kidding. Its only weird because we are not used to it. This village shows how the Vikings lived 1,000 years ago, when Gudvangen got its name.

These are not actors, but “real” Vikings of all ages, who have adopted the Viking Age as a lifestyle. Here, they will share their history and unique knowledge about their culture with you. Welcome to the Viking age!

The food in the camp is prepared in respect to the traditional recipe (with ingredients available only in Viking age). You can also find stores selling handicrafts.

I would call this the perfect Viking experience. The camp also throws activities such as axe throwing or archery. You can chat with the people. The people who re-enact the past. In summer, you can get a Viking lunch in the food house inside the Village.

The Viking Diner at the entrance is open all year from 11:00 -24:00 with home cooked Norwegian food.

How to get here?

Njardarheimr is placed close to E16 in Gudvangen, 150 meters from the Ferry pier and the Seafoodrestaurant. Bergen center would take is upto 2.5 hour till the Viking village, if you are driving.

Did you know?

This project is the brain child of Mr. George Olafr who moved to Gudvangen around 23 years ago. His dream came to life in 2017. There is a crowd waiting to leave behind their current lives and stay here like the Vikings.


When to visit the Viking village?

The Viking village is open all days from June to September. It takes at least 2 hours to fully explore this place (that’s when you are in a hurry). Otherwise, I recommend staying for a few more hours.

Other things to do in Gudvangen

Car ferry – Sail through the narrow, majestic Nærøyfjord while gaping awe at the many waterfalls with free falls up to 840 meters. Snow covered peaks of the mountains , small homes on the fjords and a few villages that can be acceded only through boats.

Kayak through the magical Nærøyfjord – There are many guided tours around Gudvangen offering Kayaking activities. You can feel your way on water through these enormously quiet and scenic Fjords. Experience the peace and elegance of the Viking valley.

Visit the white caves – Gudvangen is home to the largest deposit of Anorthosite in the world. Anorthosite is a type of marble that originates here, and thus, there are some luminous white caves you can visit in Gudvangen. These caves almost look surreal. They are lit and resemble the iconic northern lights. This makes Gudvangen a best travel destination in Norway.

Hiking – you can fing many hiking spots in Gudvangen. The popular and the best one being Rimstigen. Rimstigen offers the view of the whole Fjords throughout the hike and the view from top is incredible!

Rent a bicycle – If you don’t want to drive a car, you can rent a bicycle in Gudvangen. A better way to move around and pass by the villages. Also, helps you to stay close to nature. A memorable experience indeed! Best time to remember all the Viking stories and legends.


Few other places you might want to explore in Gudvangen


Sup expedition


The royal postal route

See Norway’s smallest working post office

Bakka church


How to reach?

If you are travelling from India, you need to take a flight from your location to Bergen. From there, you can get on a train. Same as to the people who come from Oslo.

Norway bussesekspress operates a bus from Bergen to Gudvangen once daily. Tickets costs from INR 2400 – INR 2900 and takes apx. 2 hr 22min. The nearest airport is in Sogndal. And others are in Alesund, haugesund, Floro.

Best time to visit

No matter the season, Norway is always pleasant and beautiful. My advice is to go during summer. When the whole place looks like a lord of the rings movie set. The time from June to September. During the mid June and July, the sun doesn’t set in Norway.

The midnight sun phenomenon takes place during that time. So, early spring and summer is a best time to visit Norway and Gudvangen.


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