Tourist Season Of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Will Start From 15th November


Preparations are in full swing for the tourism season in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve starting from 15th November. The roads through which the tourists have to visit the forest have been fixed. The tourists will be able to enjoy the jungle safari without the restrictions of the Corona guideline.

Dr Rangaraju T, Deputy Director of Dudhwa National Park said that there is an effort to start the tourism season of Dudhwa National Park from November 15. However, due to heavy floods last month, some areas of the forest were inundated. Despite this, the work of fixing the roads is going on at a brisk pace. The view line is being made by clearing the bush.


The tourists will be able to ride an elephant as well, for the last two tourism seasons, due to the coronavirus, the tourists were deprived of riding elephants. This time state elephants will also be available. Generally, tourists prefer elephants more than gipsies for a jungle tour.

Tourists will also be able to see rhinos this tourism season


There was a ban on tourists visiting the Rhinoceros Rehabilitation Area for the last two tourist seasons. The tourists who would like to go to the Rhinoceros Rehabilitation Area will be able to visit the Rhinoceros Rehabilitation Area and see the rhinos.

The unique folk culture of the Tharu tribe living in and around the forests of Dudhwa National Park also attract a lot of tourists. There is a great demand for handicraft materials made by the skilful hands of Tharu women. For this, a centre for the sale of Tharu products will be available in the Dudhwa tourism complex. Along with this, Tharu Thali will also be available in the food counter to interested tourists.

The construction of roads in the forest is facing problems due to the heavy rains that occurred last week. Despite this, there is an attempt to start the tourism season on November 15. This time elephant rides will be available to the tourists and tourists will also be able to go to the rhinoceros rehabilitation area. – Dr Rangaraju T, Deputy Director, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve


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