Pro Tips for Women Car Drivers– Ladies, You Don’t need A Man! – An Ultimate Guide & Useful tips for Women


Good god, what feminist piece of trash! You are wondering? Let me be honest here. These are the things that should have been thought in schools to everybody. Just like they teach us how to calm down a crying baby. With no offense to the best daddies & the world’s best bfs – From fixing flat tires to controlling a car when the brakes cut off. A women car driver should know all these things to do by herself are listed below.

If you want, you can actually call this a feminist approach because Feminism is all about equal opportunity and equal participation. Sadly, many people think this is not a women’s thing to do. Even more sadly, many women have agreed to it. I call crap on it. Gender has nothing to do to here. Want to go on long solo drive trip in your car, my badass pretty ladies? Here’s what you need to do and know. Read along.Know Your Car like You Know Your Body

The main thing about cars is that, they come a long way but you got to be careful with it. Am not talking about the petty scratches and all, but the main things like its engine. Your car’s engine. The brakes, the batteries, mileage, gears and the staring wheel.

You know better about your car. When exactly have the wheels jammed and during which type of places. How does your car take a really long journey and when does it get tired? When do you need to fill the fluids? Get to know your car well. Basic maintenance skills are a must if you are a car owner.

Car driving skills

You went to the spa before the trip. What about the car?

Make sure you get your car serviced before the long trip. This is the most essential part of the whole thing. Grease it up really well and check for the brakes. Take it to a little spin after you get the car serviced.

See if the tires are smooth, the stating is smooth, the seat belts working, brakes are up to your preferred level and the batteries are full. When you are ok and satisfied with every little detail, go ahead to the fuel station and fill her up.

What goes into your car before the long trip?

When you are travelling solo, you need the medical kit or the first aid kit All the time in your car. Then comes the emergency kit. An emergency kit contains all the essential tool you need if anything goes wrong.

Like, window breaker, flashlight, warning triangle, fire extinguisher, some mini mechanical tools etc. You can add on some other tool you need based on the place you are travelling to. Like if you are travelling to see a desert – you need a camel.

Research about the place you are going to.

Take Saudi Arabia for example. Women were not allowed to drive until recently. For foreign drivers they have strict rules. Pull all your car documents together. Do NOT forget your drivers’ license. The international or inter sate permit too.

To be sure, keep them all in a file in your car the day before you leave. Learn about the driving rules of the place and enquire about their ways. If you are getting chased and you jump into the car to zoom away, you might have jumped in the passenger seat.

Must have tools in your car

Must have tools in your car, in case of apocalypse

The apocalypse am talking about here can be anything. A flat tire, a break cut off, the gear box is showing some attitude, the staring wheel starts talking about free will or the local tire puncture shop guys have set a nail trap and are looking forward to help you and make some money out of your vulnerability.

To tackle all these things like a women, keep these essential tools in your car. Purchase them if you don’t have it. Trust me on this Sis.

Life hammer – A tool to help you break the window of the car and to cut out the seat belt.

Puncture Kit – A kit comprising of tire levers, sandpaper to clean off the area of the inner tube around the puncture, a tube of rubber solution (vulcanizing fluid), round and oval patches, a metal grater and piece of chalk to make chalk powder and dust of the rubber solution.

A spare Tire – A spare tire should be in your car all the time. Period.

Jumper cables – Just in case your car runs off battery you can use jumper cables to start it back from someone else’s car. I am guessing men will help. If they didn’t continue being rude.

Tow Strap – If your car breaks down and there is no way you can help your baby, you need tow straps to help it tow to a nearest auto shop. A very essential tool indeed.

Flashlight – Not the little one. Get a big one. I know you are a minimalist and like to safe space but that doesn’t work if your car decides to play dumb during the night. All car problems don’t occur during the day. You need a flashlight with extra batteries in hand. Just in case.

Repair Gloves – The last thing you want is to get hurt while proving to the world you can do it. Co lateral damages occur if not all the time. Protecting your hands while repairing your car is a must.

Did you know?

Aloha Wanderwell was the first women to drive around the world. Across 43 countries for 7 years in a Ford Model T. Isn’t that a wonderful surname?

‘Rest - Stops are a must!

‘Rest – Stops’ are a must!

Resting is an essential need during long car drives. You, me, Jay Z, we all need to stop for a while. Plan your stops if you are travelling in Europe or other strict countries. Rest a while, freshen up, crack your back muscles and then you are ready to go.

Get a plenty of sleep before you start a long drive trip. Falling asleep while driving through the beautiful roads of Ireland sounds dumb to me. Also, you don’t wanna play with death. You will lose.

Exercise and more exercise…

I don’t want this article to turn into a lifestyle guide. Without being a Yoga teacher I’ll advice you to pull your energy reserve together. Coz you will need it. I assure you, at some point, if you want to jack up the car or change the tire you need all the energy you have got. The main reason for men to think women cannot to what they can is because of the physical strength. So, have at it.

Get strong. A car driver should be able to handle the consequences that arises from it. A competent man / women know how to change diaper , repair a car , sew a button , handle a lawn mower and cook a meal. Basic life skills.

How to fix a flat tire like a women?

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Nevertheless informative with a women driver in mind. If the leak is not too big but small, you can always use plug nuts. That will help you for the next 100 miles or over. Until you find an auto shop. Here is a step by step guide to fix a punctured tire –

Find the tire that is losing air and remove debris from the puncture hole.

By keeping the tire to the rim enlarge the puncture hole and lubricate it to so the repair plug fits inside easily.

Insert the repair tool and the plug into the puncture.

Take out the tool from the puncture hole and leave the plug in the tire.

Trim the end of the plug.

How to replace a Flat tire in 5 steps?

How to replace a Flat tire in 5 steps?

Before that you need to Pull over in a safe place. Away from the road or at the side of the highway.

Loosen the Lug Nuts – Find the flat tire and loosen the lug nuts of the wheel. It should be tight but you got this! Don’t completely pull it off but loosen it by turning counterclockwise.

Lift your car off the ground – Not like the ring fighters. Use the jack. Jack up the car by pumping on the jack liver with your feet. Jack placement is necessary, the jack and the tire you are working on should be perpendicular to the ground.

Remove the lug nuts and the tire- The loosened lug nuts should be removed completely with the tire. Keep them in a safe spot. Roll out the tire. You can keep it if you want. Or throw it away (goes both for your flat tire and your Ex).

Place the spare tire – Get the spare tire and line up all the holes in the spare with the lug nut posts and place the spare on the wheelbase. Push the spare as far onto the wheelbase as possible.

Replace the lug nuts – Lower your car slowly using the jack. Until it touches the ground. Now, tighten the lug nuts. Completely. Take off the jack and dust yourself. Now, go get a Beer! Coke if you don’t drink máam.

What can you possibly do if there is a brake failure?

What I am going to put together here is called Engine Breaking Technique. It will help you slow down if someone cuts the brake. Gradually downshift the car into lower gears. Keep your foot off the gas pedal until it slows down to a stop.

For instance, if you are going in 5th gear and you need to slow down, then put it in 4th gear, the engine will fire up but it will slow down the car, then put it in 3rd, 2nd and 1st gear. Once it is in the first gear, you can pull the hand brake while not pressing the clutch, that will immediately stop the car. This is for cars with manual transmission.

If you are driving an auto transmission -

If you are driving an auto transmission –

Depends on the type of auto gear car you own. Normally you will be driving in “D”. To get your car into lower gear, lift your foot off the gas pedal and select the “2” position, when the car slows down, select the “L” position until it half slows down, then put it in “N” and pull the hand brake like a pro! When the car stops put it in “P”.

About Road Rage

Studies show that females are more prone to road rage than men. I completely agree as an Indian woman. Do not get disturbed or distracted by the heckling and the men mistreating you while driving. Keep your cool.

They even try to blame it on you even if it was not your mistake. Ignore them. Call the local emergency services if people try to follow you or threaten you. No matter what the situation, don’t let your temper flare. Focus on making your trip a hit! You got this right?!


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