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We can’t be talking about Ruskin Bond and not talk about Dehradun. Nestled in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand in the Northern part of India, Dehrdaun is the capital of Uttarakhand. Bond’s famous first book Room on the roof revolving around Rusty and his lonely childhood is all set in Dehradun.

The boy from the hills; Vagranta in the Valley ; Rusty and the magic mountain takes us to the scenic valleys and steeped hills in Dehradun. Gracefully taking it’s place between the Himayalas and Shivalik mountain range is Dehradun. Also known as ‘Doon valley’. Bustling with tourists all year round, Deharadun is an amazing travel destination in India. Must see places in Dehradun are many. To name a few –

Sahasradhara– A delight to the eyes! Sahasradhara is a water fall in a cascading style. The name means,’thousand fold spring’. A bucket list travel destination for sure.

Robber’s Cove – A beautiful and powerful place. Locally known as Gucchu Pani, this beautiful cave is special because, it is believed to be an abode of Lord Shiva and the river water flows out from the middle of the cove.

Mindrolling Monastery – the Mindrolling Monastery is a Buddhist temple complex that looks spectacular on site. Training Buddhists for 300 years now, Mindrolling Monastery is the largest Buddhist Vihara of India. Making it into a best travel destination of all times.



Bond’s famous novel, The blue Umbrella is based in magnificent region of Gahrhwal in Uttarakhand. The novel takes you with young Binya and her tales across Garhwal.

Top places to see in Garhwal are – home to the Largest dam in the world Tehri Dam is located in Garhwal.

Jim Corbett national Park – the world renowed Jim Corbett National Park lies in here. Named after the hunter and nationalist Jim Corbett is home to Bengal tigers and many other wildlife.

Chaukamba view point – The place is a picturesque paradise! Offering splendid views sunsets and sunrises, Chaukamba view poit is a must see travel destinations in Garhwal.

Kyunkaleshwar Mahadev – A very ancient and beautiful temple of Lord Shiva which is believed to be establishes by Adi Guru Shankaracharya. The place is both spiritual and spectacular.

A Bond fact!

A Bond fact!

Based on Ruskin Bond’s stories there are two major films, one in which he does a cameo! Junoon -1978(The flight of pigeons) and 7 Khoon Maaf (Susana’s Seven Husbands) Bond shows up as a bishop with Priyanka Chopra.


Dubbed as the ‘Queen of the hills’, most of Ruskin Bond’s stories are set in Mussorie. His famous book, All Roads Lead to Mussorie is a collection of short stories set in Mussorie. Just like Bond writes, Mussorie is a hill lover’s heaven! Most scenic spots in Mussorie are-

Gun Hill – A scenic and most popular Hills of mussorie. The hills are a hot spot to many adventures. The hills offer a picturesque view of the mussorie town and the Himalayan Mountains. A must see travel destination.

Landour – And here we are! Ruskin Bond’s Home, the Ivy Cottage is in Landour. It has been his home for a while now. Landour is a quite city amidst the hills deriving its name from the Welsh village of Llanddowre. The best place in the whole country to take long walks among the lush Deodar tress.

The Mall

This is where you can find Ruskin Bond. Am going to jump to the point here. Ruskin Bond shows up on Saturdays in the Cambridge Bookstore often. You know what to do! This Mall is a colonial relic by the way. A hot spot for shopping and a must see place for views of the town from the hills and to meet Bond!

Pipalnagar , Delhi

Pipalnagar , Delhi

Taking a break from mother nature for a while, Bond writes about the enclosure of the town life of Pipalnagar in Delhi. So go ahead and visit. Aha! Got you there didn’t I. Pipalnagar is a fictional town based in Delhi. But there is a vivid description of the life in Delhi in his book Delhi is not far.

Ruskin Bond’s most favorite places have been Mussorie and Dehradun. His short stories include a few places in Shimla , Jamnagar, Solan, London and his home. Apart from that, his books the greatest train journey upholds the purport of ‘slow travelling’ and the joys of travelling in train.

Bond’s book All roads lead to Ganga is a travelogue by Bond himself. It is a personal travel experience which Bond has masterfully put together in his simple yet mighty powerful words describing people, culture and cities along the Ganges. Ruskin Bond’s work that lights a flame of travel and adventure in a fellow reader are -Tales of Fosterganj

Dust on the Mountain

Leopard on the Mountain

When the Night falls

And my personal favorite Angry River.


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