Naterhat: New Eco Tourism Site in Jharkhand


At Netarhat, a paradise which is hidden away in the lap of beautiful forests and located at an elevation of 3,622 feet above sea level in the Latehar district, the Jharkhand government intends to encourage eco and cultural tourism and plans to make it a successful ecotourism site.

Naterhat is known as the “Queen of Chotanagpur,” and the British formerly referred to it as “Nature’s Heart.”

Netarhat noted for its magnificent waterfalls, verdant forest, and lush hills is a wonderful offbeat trip for nature enthusiasts. The road to Netarhat winds through a dense rainforest of pine, bamboo, mahua, and palash. Latehar district is home to many tribals, The Particularly Vulnerable Tribe Groups (PVTGs) of Netarhat include the Asur, Birajiya, etc.

Naterhat Location:

Netarhat, a picturesque hill town in Jharkhand’s Latehar district, is around 157 kilometers from Ranchi.


According to reports, several projects are in progress. “Homestays” will be one of the program’s primary elements. Homestays in Netarhat, which is primarily a tribal area, give tourists the amazing opportunity to interact with the tribes and learn about their exquisite culture and traditions.



The villagers that sign up for the homestay programme have their homes painted in tribal tones like cream and white to give them a unique identity. The first phase involves painting 40 homes that will participate in the homestay program in Paseripat. All the residents of Paseripat & Sirsi villages have consented to participate in the homestay programme. In the 2nd phase, 83 houses in Sirsi will be painted.

The district administration has provided training in hospitality and catering to about 100 Netarhat youngsters, and many of the village’s residents have worked in restaurants and hotels, hence they have a little bit of prior experience in hospitality.

Naterhat Attractions:

  • Koyal View Point, which is famous for its Sunrise
  • Magnolia Point, which is famous for its Sunset
  • Lower Ghaghri & Upper Ghaghri
  • Netarhat Dam
  • Netarhat Residential School
  • Pear and apple garden
  • Pine forests
  • Lodh Falls, which is considered the highest waterfall in the state of Jharkhand

Tourist footfall:

From 4.53 lakh in 2000, the year Jharkhand was created on 15th November 2000, to over 3.50 crore in 2019-20, including 1.75 lakh international visitors, the annual inflow of tourists has increased.

For people looking for a real offbeat destination, yet to be explored by anyone, Naterhat can be a great choice. Naterhat is not an area developed for tourism which is why it is away from the eyes of the world, but soon it will be a perfect paradise with a combination of nature, culture, and tribal cuisine in Jharkhand.

If everything goes as planned, the visitors will be able to witness another unique side of India in Naterhat. India is a unique country where people say that every 20 km, changes in food, language, and scenery is welcoming one more region for people to experience and explore.


How to reach Naterhat:

By Air: Ranchi Airport, also known as Birsa Munda Airport, is the closest airport to Netarhat which is approximately 150 kilometers away. Buses and taxis will be available for further journeys to reach Naterhat.

By Train: There isn’t a local train station in Netarhat of its own. Ranchi Railway Station, which is situated 155 kilometers away, is the closest.

By Road: Ranchi and Netarhat are well connected by road. Regular public and private buses travel in both directions. In order to get from Ranchi to Netarhat on a shared ride, you can alternatively take a taxi or cab.


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