Mount Abu Winter festival 2022: All You Need To Know


Rajasthan is a region rich in heritage and culture. Along with the numerous tourist sites, the area’s vibrant culture and traditions are a major draw for visitors. The numerous fairs & festivals are the ideal locations to go in order to be closer to the state’s rich culture.

One such celebration is the Mount Abu Winter Festival, one of the most well-known winter celebrations in Rajasthan, which takes place every year in Mount Abu during the final week of December. It honors the joy and fun of the locals of this lovely hill station. During the festival, locals enthusiastically greet visitors and enjoy the occasion with tremendous joy and happiness.

To draw visitors from all over the world and India and to let them experience the culture and beauty of this mesmerizing Mount Abu, the Municipal Board of Mount Abu & Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation together organize this vibrant Winter Festival.

Mount Abu Winter Festival

The festival is a wonderful chance to enjoy the warm Rajasthani hospitality and the hill station’s splendor at its most authentically cultural and traditional.

Mount Abu Winter Festival Dates:

The only hill station in Rajasthan will be hosting the great Mount Abu Winter festival from 29th December to 30th December 2022.

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Mount Abu Winter Festival Attractions:

A ceremonial procession usually kicks off the festivities, leaving from the RTDC Hotel Shikhar & continuing through the hill station. The parade ends at the Nakki Lake Chowk after going through the majority of the scenic places, and folk & dance performances immediately follow.

The Mount Abu Winter Festival features performances of numerous folk dances from the surrounding states of Gujarat, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. In addition to those from Rajasthan & Haryana. Traditional sports, kite flying, fireworks displays, & musical performances are all included in the traditional dances.

Mount Abu Winter Festival

Nakki Lake serves as the focal point of the festival and is the site of numerous fun and entertaining events. The festival includes both boat racing competitions and water sports.

A huge and magnificent fireworks display brings the Mount Abu Winter Festival to an end.
Known as Deepdaan, the vast number of floating lamps on Nakki Lake is another fantastic highlight of this event which is truly beautiful and mesmerizing.

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How to reach Mount Abu Winter Festival:

By Air: The closest airport to Mount Abu is Udaipur, which is approximately 185 km away and is well connected to all the major Indian cities.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Abu road, which is approximately 28 kilometers away from Mount Abu.

By Road: Mount Abu can be reached easily without any worry from major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer, and Udaipur.


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