Monaco: 1 Place – ‘Billionaires’ Playground’


A small but mighty country that lies on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea is Monaco. Surrounded by France and Italy, Monaco is one gem of a country. Having a tourism hub all year round, Monaco’s major source of Income is from Fish. Apart from that, Monaco has an exquisite list of activities, the rest 90% of the world cannot afford.

8 Crazy facts about it!


No Taxes

There are no taxes in Monaco. The billionaire’s playground has a 0 income tax policy that makes the wealthy skid slide through their income.Peanut sized diamond

The whole of Monaco country is 0.78 square miles. That is smaller than New York City’s Central Park. The must do things in Monaco would be – Walk across the entire width in less than an hour.

The possibilities

The possibilities to bump into a billionaire is 100% because Monaco has over 12,000 of them. Thus the name, Billionaire’s playground. Where are those hard core Bollywood loving ladies at! They belong here.

Monaco car race

A Curse

The royal family of Monaco, the Grimaldis who rules in 1297 have been said to carry a curse. A curse where they can never find true happiness in marriage. History has spoken to us by making it actually true.Grand Prix

Monaco hosts the iconic grand Prix every year. You can find all the formula 1 drivers in Chilling Monaco. The first Monaco Formula 1Grand Prix was held in 1929.


The groundbreaking Bond movie,The Casino Royale was shot in Monte Carlo Casino. The main attraction of Monaco is the golden Monte Carlo Casino. What is strange is that, Monaco government had prohibited for Monaco residents to gamble in the Casino. Yup, Monaco doesn’t want its rich residents to lose all the money.

French to the rescue

The responsibility to defend Monaco is upon France. The both countries share borders, language and cultures. The principality of Monaco is not a part of France though.

Richie Rich

Monaco has the population of total 31,400. One in three people is a millionaire in Monaco. There are 12,621 millionaires per square mile in Monaco.


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