Madras High Court Ordered To Ban Mobile Phones In Temples Across Tamil Nadu


All over the world, Temples are considered the most auspicious and purest place amongst all where people go to worship as well as to be in those pure environments for spiritual purposes. In such cases, mobile phones are considered the cause which can harm the temple’s sanctity & purity. Hence, The Madurai bench of the Madras High Court on Friday ordered the Tamil Nadu government to forbid the use of mobile phones in temples throughout the state to preserve the “sanctity & purity” of places of worship where devotees come throughout the year in huge quantity.

The decision was made by the court in response to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) brought by M Seetharaman, in which he requested that cell phones be banned inside the Subramaniya Swamy Temple. Seetharaman claimed in his appeal that worshippers were using their phones to take pictures of the idols and pujas happening inside the temple.
The petitioner claimed that the Subramaniya Swamy temple was an old temple and that Agama rules which forbid taking pictures or videos of the deities-were essential to the temple’s worship and management. He also voiced worry that there may be “possible opportunities for photographing female devotees without their knowledge, which will be misused.”

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Many people come to worship in the temples and continue filming the deities, and during this time they do capture female devotees without their permission, which eventually can lead to the misuse of images. The trustees or any other body in charge of the temple may adopt rules for the preservation of order and decorum on the premises following the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Temple Entry Authorization Act, 1947. The laws also state that they must not interfere with the rights and privileges that worshippers have traditionally appreciated. The court ruled that phone deposit lockers should be installed at temples to prevent worshipers from experiencing any difficulty.

Tamil nadu

Temples in Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu is a south Indian state, which is well known for its rich history, cultures, and temples all over the world as they are the finest architectural works from the ancient Dravidian, Chola, and Pallava empires, these temples are a dazzling testament of India’s cultural history. The majority of Tamil Nadu’s temples were constructed throughout the Medieval Era, adding to the country’s rich legacy, and to maintain the dignity of such incredible historical places which hold so much importance is our duty.

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