List of 8 Travel Resolutions You Must Take In 2023


Travel is the best University and here is the time when you look back to all the trips you have done this year and what an amazing experience and life-changing thing that was! Yes, you are reading this and you just paused to remember all those beautiful travel memories you had this year.

If not, take a pause now and remember it all, and imagine how much travel can teach you. So, this year make a travel resolution that you will do no matter what because you know already that it is magical to explore around. Read on till the end as the last resolution is magical and curated right from the heart.

Here is the list of 8 Travel Resolutions you must take in 2023:

1) Don’t cancel your travel plans:

Remember travel teaches you more than anything. So, whenever you are canceling any trip, just make sure to think before you do that. Remember all those times when you were about to cancel your trip but then you went on it and realized what mistake you could have done if you have missed this trip?

Try hard to save your travel plans and avoid canceling them without any urgent and no ignorant reason. Otherwise, push yourself a little hard to make that trip happens. We bet that experience will be an unforgettable add-on to your life.

2) Step out once in two weeks at least:

This year, I’m going to make sure that every weekend I’m in town is spent exploring somewhere new. Whether it’s a neighboring city or something far away from home, I want to see the world through new eyes and learn more about different cultures and people.

Traveling is not just about seeing new places, but also about learning about yourself and your surroundings. When you can explore areas of the world that you know nothing about, you get a chance to learn what makes them tick and what makes them special. This can be a great motivator for getting out into the world and exploring on your own!

Travel Resolution

3) Don’t hesitate to try on new things:

Trying new things gives you unforgettable experiences always and it is a proven statement. Be it new clothes, don’t hesitate to try on new cultural clothes worrying about how you will look. Be it Food, don’t hesitate to try on new local food which is the specialty of the place you are visiting.

Be it a new place, don’t hesitate and try and explore the world with an open mind and be ready for a small and big adventure to make your new year the best. Success or no success, one should always keep trying because it shows you are eager to learn and experience new things.

4) Ditch hotels and Choose Hostels:

Staying in hotels is not trending. But do you know what is trending then? It is the hostels Yes! Staying in a hostel, meeting new people, listening to their stories, and getting inspired, is what is trending.

Hostels have people from all around the globe depending on the place you are also it is budget-friendly. Staying in a hostel is magical to make new contacts, you never know whom you meet, and open up your future opportunity doors.

To make it easy for you here is Hotel vs. Hostel, know what suits you better!To make it easy for you here is Hotel vs. Hostel, know what suits you better!

Choosing a hostel for your accommodation gives you inspiration for your next trip. People over there might tell you some best places to explore or they can help you grow in terms of experiences or life. Be smart and make a resolution to choose this experience of staying in a hostel instead of a hotel once a year.

5) Take advantage of long weekends:

2023 is full of long weekends. Do you want to know the long weekend list of 2023, here is the list, have a look. So, now you know that there are so many long weekends in 2023, plan ahead and don’t miss this golden chance to explore.

Don’t just binge-watch and stay home, these long weekends are a blessing to explore the world. Try and look where you can manage to take advantage of your long weekend. Plan accordingly and hurray!

Take a resolution that you will use at least 3 of your long weekends to explore, no matter it’s near or far. Decide your destination now and rock on. Don’t wait until the last minute when everyone else is also trying for leaves on the same weekend.

6) Travel solo:

You must travel solo twice a year. Travelling solo makes you get closer to yourself. If not possible twice a year. Do try travelling solo at least once a year. This 2023, take the resolution to go on a trip completely alone.

Plan and decide a destination where you wanted to go and go there with your own self. Make new friends, explore, eat, have fun and be on your own. Handle all your travel hassle and get ready to be a solo traveller.

Travel Resolution

You must have heard people saying, Solo travelling is magical, Right? Why don’t you try it this year? If travelling solo for the first time, Go, get ready for it, If you have done solo travelling, take a pledge to do it at least twice a year, because you already know the magic.

7) At least one long trip with Family:

We are not talking about weekend gateways, we are talking about 1 long trip with your family to spend quality time with them. They also need you to be with them apart from your usual surrounding because a trip brings the family close and get a chance to spend quality time, share things, understand thoughts, and many more such things.

Being on a holiday with the family is a must and it completes the family when you help each other in small things like packing for your trip travelling together, exploring, and coming back with good shared memories.

8) Find your reason for travel:

This new year, take a resolution to always find your reason to travel before any trip. Don’t brainstorm too much, just know why you are travelling there and what you expect from this trip. Some people want to go on a trip for a break in which they don’t expect much and want just to be away from their usual environment and daily routine.

Some people seek clearance in life from their trip and they prefer to go alone or spent some time in nature thinking much about life and plans. Some people want to have fun to the fullest so that they can come back with thrilling memories.

Even if you don’t have any reason for your travel, make sure you research the place you are travelling to and make sure you cover all things which interest you while researching about it. If you don’t have any reason, make it a reason that you want to go there and eat this, try that, see this, etc, because anyway you are traveling there and the plan is on!


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