Budget Friendly New Year 2023 Weekend Gateway In South India


New year this time is on the weekend which makes it perfect to celebrate and welcome this year with great celebration. Many people do not prefer to go on a holiday for a week to celebrate the new year, some prefer to go just for two days like a weekend gateway.

If you are looking for budget-friendly places in South India to visit in the new year which is as good as going on a weekend gateway you are at the right place. Below we have shortlisted some places which are one of the best for a budget-friendly weekend holiday with friends and family.

Here is the list of Budget friendly new year weekend gateway in south India:


The city of Hampi in the Indian state of Karnataka is the ideal place for you to visit if you enjoy architecture, culture, and monuments. Hampi is a popular destination for tourists and history aficionados from around the globe to view the spectacular remains of a bygone age. Hampi served as the Vijayanagar Empire’s capital in the fourteenth century.

More than 1600 still-standing buildings make up the Group of Monuments in Hampi and it is a fun location to visit with friends having accommodation options like homestays and hostels, where you can make new friends with a new year celebration on a budget.

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Ooty is one of the most beautiful places in India and it is an ideal place to visit this New Year on a budget. Ooty has many tourist destinations and a plethora of natural resources that make it an ideal place for tourists. The beauty of Ooty is derived from its landscapes, lakes, mountains, and forests.

Ooty became well-known as a result of the creation of numerous tea estates. Because it offers visitors a beautiful view, the majority of hotels, resorts, and cottages are all situated close to tea estates. So, if you enjoy the outdoors, this can be the perfect location for you and your loved ones to celebrate the new year in 2023.


If you enjoy tranquility, spirituality, or beaches, as opposed to Goa, which features beaches but is primarily known as a party destination, Pondicherry is for you. Pondicherry is a serene place with major attractions like Aurobindo ashram, Auroville, and unspoiled beaches.

Pondicherry is a terrific choice as a beach destination for your new year’s party because of its stunning beaches, French colonial magnificence, limitless list of activities, and the abundance of magnificent hotels both under budget and luxury.

Pondicherry has a lot of budget-friendly accommodations and eating options, which makes it on the list of Budget friendly new year weekend gateway in south India.

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Gokarna provides the ideal setting for a place where you wish to stay for your new year celebration with friends. It has magic and beauty all around which makes it perfect. Also, with beautiful hostels, your stay can be super budget-friendly.

Gokarna can be a good substitute for Goa for those who enjoy the beach but don’t enjoy parties and want to spend their new year’s 2023 alone with the water than it is with loud music.

Some of Gokarna’s well-known beaches include Om Beach, Paradise Beach, etc. These beaches are situated in remote areas with little human development and feature undeveloped rocky shores.

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Alleppey is a popular tourist destination in Kerala. It is a beautiful town that has been described as the “Venice of the East.” The town has a lot to offer, including beaches and waterfalls. In addition to its natural beauty, there are also many cultural sites that visitors can explore while they’re here.

One of the earliest planned cities in India is Alleppey. Famous for its renowned backwaters, beaches, & lagoons. Additionally, a lot of people go on houseboat cruises every year.


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