How to Be Comfortable While Travelling On Your Period? Useful Tips with Love


Any woman would agree that travelling on your period is not comfortable and gets you all worked up all night. Let me reassure you – You can make travel comfortable with the necessary precaution. Be it by air or by road, travelling on your period comes with a simple but important responsibility and that is – Taking care of yourself. Here are some useful measures to keep you comfortable while travelling on your period.

Plan for what is coming

Well, aliens aren’t coming any time soon then it must be your periods! I advise planning ahead of your trip. While traveling comes with a benefit. The benefit of choice. Am not forcing women and girls to just go on trips during their periods.

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If you plan the dates of your trip to not get in the way of your periods, you can easily avoid the whole thing. Then you also have a choice to cancel if you are not up to it. I sincerely apologize for all those ads telling you to where white pants and go on horse riding. As a woman, I feel disrespected over that. Take a break. Lie down. Please.

Activate all your weapons

Sanitary pads, tampons, pills, menstrual cups, intimate wash, hot water bags – Armor it all up. Get all the necessary basic things that you use during your period. ‘The’ particular brands. Coz you don’t want to experiment and come back with new rashes on your sensitive area. I mean, what’s the point. You don’t want an itchy trip, do you?

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Apart from pads, essentials like your books, favorite bottles and mugs and smells should go into your bag. With the hormones crazing up in your body, you never know if you feel like smelling your high school sweater.

Choose comfort over fashion

I know. It is offensive. Am only suggesting you wear comfortable clothes. And then you always have choice. Prefer cotton and soft materials. And more importantly, avoid dull colors. If you are on a dumpy road trip and your cloths get stained, you won’t like that. Throw a stain remover in your bag anyway. Due to the hormones, your body temperature may fluctuate and I don’t blame you. Keep a pair of sweat shirt and a summer top. Just in case.

Prepare an emergency kit

Assuming that, you had your periods while on the travel, keep an emergency kit in your hand bag. This emergency kit should contain, disposable bags, tissues, wipes and wet wipes. This kit will help you clean up if in case there is a mess and you are freaking out. Its okay. You cannot control what is natural. Its ok.

Some useful things to travel with on your periods

Heating Pads – A heating pad is a device that heats up of course. You can put it on your lower abdomen if you are experiencing severe cramps or bloating.

Panty Liners – Panty liners are handy while traveling. Especially while you are travelling around the date of your period and you are not sure. They are comfy and won’t bother you much. Making it the most comfy travel essential on your period.

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Menstrual underwear – Menstrual underwears can be a little uncomfortable at first but you will get used to it. It will help you from changing pads frequently while travelling.

Menstrual cups – For those who don’t like wearing pads while traveling, menstrual cups are is a good option. This is also useful because you need only 1 or 2 of these, which will also save up the space in your bag.

Fresh air – Anybody can use some fresh air. Grab a window seat if you can. Make yourself comfortable while traveling by playing music or reading your favorite book.

Will travelling affect your health?

In a way yes. Coz stress may cause more bleeding and if you stress out while travelling, your flow may increase- so chill. Other causes maybe hormones, jet lag, food, weather can also affect your period while travelling.

The superstitions surrounding periods? Are they real?

Hell no. they were made in at an age where hygiene was very important and sanitary napkins were not invented.

What should I eat while travelling during periods?

Dark chocolates, Salmon, veggies and fruits. Banana, pop corn are all comfort food. I recommend anything healthy.

Should I travel during my period?

You don’t have to unless if it is necessary. Try to get cozy in your home. But if you are up to it. No worries. Go ahead.

Is it safe to travel during your period?

If you are properly prepared then Yes. If not no.


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