Facing up to Hodophobia : The Fear of Travel


Who invented the first plane that couldn’t take off? The Wrong Brothers. Starting off with a bad joke to cheer you up. I hope it did. If it didn’t don’t worry, am an atheist and would be going to hell in many religions. So, without confusing Hodophobia with the fear of flying, let me tell you what it means.

Hodophobia is defines as ‘the irrational fear of travel’. What causes Hodophobia. 90% of the time, it is a traumatic event you endured in the past. It can also be natural and it is ‘Real’. You might be over achieving in your field right now, succeeding your counterparts, you have got a perfect partner, perfect kids and a dog that likes to somersault during a family time. And then one day, Susan from next door comes back from a family vacation and brings you all kinda travel coupons and pamphlets and everything. Her excitement unsettles you a little bit. Then, your youngest want to go to the beach on the pamphlet. Your husband agrees. Now, he is looking at you. You realize that you don’t want to do something related to travel. It gets you all worked up and you feel too insecure or frightened even. This is Hodophobia.


If you had encountered a disturbing event like an airplane turbulence or survived a snake attack or missed the trail and got lost in the forest. These events may trigger you and stop you from making plans. It is normal. It’s a defense mechanism. Its your brains way of saying do not put me in that traumatic place again. Its ok. Hodophobia can be cured. Hodophobia has a natural way of showing up in your life out of nowhere. You have been so busy handling things, working hard and suddenly you just don’t want to travel. This depends on each person and their personality. Not everybody has a same reaction as you had. Hodophobia is not just anxiety. It’s a real fear.

How do you know you have Hodophobia?

Here are some symptoms

  • Anxiety attack and Panic Attack
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle weakness
  • An intense feeling of loss of control
  • Some people have also experience stomach pain and headaches.

If have these symptoms, what should you do?

Its best to see a doctor. Have a medical assessment done by a professional. Take therapy. A psychology assessment is recommended. So that, the therapist will get into the root of the problem and will be able to help you. Do not self medicate under any conditions. Also, don’t ignore it.

Facing up to hodophobia. What should you do?

Do not think about your finances

You should eventually but not right away. Trying to get all your money work done will give you more stress and your hodophobia will not like that. So do not stress out yourself with the finances. Let it be your last priority.

Visit a Therapist

Talking about your problems might cure the half of it. Share how you are feeling with a professional. A therapist will get an idea of what will make you overcome hodophobia.

Take an experience traveler with you

Having someone who knows how things work in a foreign country will only help you abundantly. Some confident by your side will rise up your confidence levels too. In turn lessening your travel anxiety.


Slowly plan an itinerary for a short period of time

Choose the destination of your reams or a getaway or anywhere you like. Plan a 3 day or a 2 days itinerary for it. you don’t have to go around the world in 80 days. Just a few days. If your itinerary is 3 days with one full day sleeping in your tent. Even better. Try to get relaxed and comfortable.

Take your pet with you

If you have an emotional therapy pet, I recommend travelling with them. Coz it is going to be so fun. Dogs especially have earned the title of Man’s best friend not for no reason. Studies show that looking into your dogs eyes will make your brain release happy fluids like serotonin and simply petting a dog will lower the stress hormone cortisol making you relieve stress. So, take your furry friends with you.

Meditation and Yoga

Ancient Indians believe there is nothing that Yoga and meditation cannot cure. Yoga helps not only the body but the mind too. It will help you release stress and lessen the post traumatic experience. Shut up for a while and see what will happen aka shutting the heck up for a while. See what happens… Maybe its not that much of a big deal.

Don’t be stupid

Wearing that diamond-studded watch and roaming alone in a foreign city is not called for. Maybe you need to stay in the group and not wander away by yourself. All I am saying is to be mindful and smart. Don’t get all self conscious and get stressed all again.


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