FlixBus Review 2023

If the phrase ‘On The Go’ defines you? If you’re looking for a complete solution to meet your intercity travel needs providing supreme quality services, then my friend you’re at the right place. 

FlixBus provides extra-comfortable buses, all you have to do is enjoy the ride. Their affordable fares with free Wi-Fi, extra legroom, USB outlets, and plenty of onboard entertainment.

Want to cut out on your travel costs? Choose FlixBus and enjoy the journey. Travel comfortably and affordably by train and bus. Book your train or bus ticket for just €4.99!

Easy booking in a few clicks and travel comfortably with a guaranteed seat, Wi-Fi & entertainment on board. They are committed to sustainability and work hard to make your travel as environmentally friendly as possible!


Travelling with Flix is green and affordable. We are ready to take you to your next destination whether it’s by train or by bus. For us, being green goes beyond just the exterior colour. At the core, we are deeply committed to sustainability. For this reason, our trains are powered by 100% renewable energy and our bus fleet fulfils the highest emission standard on the market. In public transport, safety is essential for all – our customers, employees and crews. Moreover, one of the great challenges of our time is to promote an equal, diverse and inclusive society. Flix is raising the bar of road safety and social standards in the mobility sector to create a safe, equal, diverse and inclusive environment in the workplace and wider society. 

Flix started as the FlixBus start-up, founded by three young entrepreneurs Jochen Engert, André Schwämmlein and Daniel Krauss in Munich, out of the desire to make sustainable travel both comfortable and affordable. When the German railway monopoly ended in 2013, FlixBus won through against major international corporations and is now the clear market leader – and not just in Germany.

Book tickets your way

There are many options to book your bus ticket. Choose the one which is best suited for you and you’re good to go.

  • Booking on FlixBus
  • Booking via the App
  • Book your trip at a ticket sales point
  • Ticket purchase on the bus


The world at your doorstep

The ever-expanding network is the key to connecting communities in a more sustainable way. With over 2,500 destinations in 38 countries and more than 400,000 daily connections, you’ll easily find the right trip for your next adventure. 

Comfort on board

The mission is to offer you an affordable and easy way of travelling, without compromising on quality. On board our trains and buses you always have a guaranteed seat, assigned for free when you book your ticket. Additionally, you get to enjoy free Wi-Fi and our entertainment portal.

Easy booking, easy travelling

The company wants to make travelling as convenient as possible, therefore they offer an easy booking process as well as a smooth travel experience. The easiest way to book your ticket is via the website or in the App. 


Language issues 

Given that the FlixBus network operates throughout several European nations, travellers frequently experience this, and the bus driver alone is accountable. Some FlixBus drivers may not even speak English at all, let alone speak it poorly. Do not be shocked. Even if you don’t speak the language, you can ask someone who does for assistance or show the driver your ticket immediately.

The challenge in locating a stop 

It will likely be the most difficult obstacle you encounter when utilising FlixBus. There are not usually bus stops at designated stations or on the maps. Most likely, a FlixBus sign will be present. If not, search for a different group of people who appear perplexed by the suitcase. Check the bus stop’s location on the official FlixBus website in advance.


1). How much luggage can be taken?

For groups between 2-35 people, 1 hand luggage (max 42 x 30 x 18 cm) per person can be taken. From groups with 36+ people, 1 hand luggage (max 42 x 30 x 18 cm) and 1 suitcase (max 67 x 50 x 27 cm) per person can be taken. 

2). How are the buses equipped? 

Typically, coaches with at least 41 seats are equipped with a microphone, music connection and cool box/refrigerator. 

3). What are other services available?

Almost all buses have toilets. Some FlixBus buses offer snacks (chips, cookies, juice, etc.) for an additional fee.


Flix is a global mobility provider which, since 2013, has been changing the way millions of people worldwide are travelling, under the FlixBus brand, and more recently also with FlixTrain. As a unique combination of a tech start-up, an e-commerce company, and a classic transport operator, FlixBus has become the market leader in many different regions and within a very short time, Flixbus has created Europe’s largest long-distance bus network. With FlixTrain, since 2018 has also been offering a constantly growing range of train connections and intermodal travel options. 

So, Buckle Up and Get Going!

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