Enjoy The Lake Life In Andhra Pradesh With These Most Beautiful Lakes


Andhra Pradesh is a beautiful state home to various natural and man-made lakes, which are an important part of the ecosystem and makes the nature lover trip complete.

Lakes in Andhra Pradesh give you an opportunity to witness the beautiful scenery around you and a chance to celebrate quality time with your friends.

Here is the List of the most beautiful lakes in Andhra Pradesh:

Pulicat Lake:

Pulicat Lake, the second-largest lagoon of brackish water in India, is situated in the Tirupati District of Andhra Pradesh. The Satish Dhawan Space Centre is within a short distance from the lake at Sriharikota.

This location is ideal for bird lovers as Pulicat Cat Lake and Sanctuary is well known for its large variety of migrating birds. In addition, it is well known for its fantastic boat ride experience.

Andhra Pradesh lakes

Pakhal Lake:

This lake is near the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 50 kilometers from Warangal city. Here, you can see Nilgai, leopard, chital, jackal, etc as well as reptiles like the python, cobra, Indian chameleon, etc.

Pakhal Lake is ideal for families to visit and spend some quality time together, but it’s also a great location for outdoor enthusiasts. At Pakhal Lake Warangal, you’re greeted by the sounds of birds chirping, the cool air, and breathtaking scenery.

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Kolleru Lake:

The Kolleru lake, one of India’s biggest freshwater lakes, is situated 65 kilometres from Rajahmundry and 15 kilometres from Eluru. Between the Krishna and Godavari deltas, Kolleru is the largest freshwater lake. A lake is a fantastic place for a picnic and a haven for birdwatchers because it is the home of migratory species.

It becomes much more magnificent as a variety of species migrate here in big numbers each year between October & March. It is popular for boating, fishing, & picnics and is surrounded by verdant hills.

Kondakarla Ava:

In the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is home to the renowned Lake and Bird Sanctuary known as Kondakarla Ava.

As an ecotourism destination, Kondakarla Ava has also been acknowledged and explored by many people. This freshwater natural lake is a popular location for bird photographers and is home to a large number of birds.

Andhra Pradesh lakes

Cumbum Lake:

One of India’s oldest artificial or manmade lakes, Cumbum Lake, also called Gundlakamma Lake, is still in existence today. The inscriptions in this town are evidence that Cumbum had been ruled by Mughal emperors.

This lake, a popular tourist destination in the region, was named a World Heritage Irrigation Structure (WHIS) by UNESCO in 2020. Additionally, the lake provides a significant source of irrigation for the nearby agricultural land.

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