Bungee Jumping First Time? These Tips Wil Make Your Experience Smooth


Going for Bungee Jumping first time? Love adventures? Are you one of those explorers who want to challenge their fear now and then by doing certain adventure activities wherever they go?

In this article, we will share some great tips to keep in mind before going for a Bungee Jump! With these tips, you can have the best jump ever with full enjoyment and adventurous memory of your first Bungee Jumping for lifelong.

1) Choose a reputed Bungee jumping operator:

The first and foremost tip, when it comes to Bungee Jumping, is to choose the best for you. Yes! The best in your reach to select will be the best decision. Don’t go Bungee jumping at a place where nobody goes and is very casual when it comes to people’s safety.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the ropes or harnesses, don’t do it! Keep it simple and only do it when you feel that all the settings in front of you like, ropes, locks, trained instructor, etc are proper and safe.

2) Ask someone who has done it:

It is important to know your limits, and not to push yourself beyond them. If you’re not sure what that means, ask someone who’s done it before! You can also ask them if they have any recommendations for you to go Bungee Jumping with any specific service providers or adventure companies.

Bungee jumping

You can also ask them to share their experience with you like how they were sacred but they have done it, it was life-changing, or ask them to tell you every detail if you want to imagine it before jumping.

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3) Wear appropriate clothing and footwear:

Bungee jumping dressing sense should be different. Yes! It requires proper dressing and footwear. Do not wear high heels or flip-flops. It can cause injuries if your feet get caught in the straps and you might lose your footwear in the air somewhere.

Wear comfortable clothes that fit well and does not restrict your movement. Wear shoes that have a good grip and yes wearing shoes with proper socks is mandatory and highly advisable because once you will be in the air, make sure no piece of your cloth or footwear hangs in the air.

Also if you have long hair, tie it well before jumping, and don’t keep it open, it might get stuck anywhere and will be too risky.

4) Show up Early:

Another important thing is to reach the site at least 1 or 2 hours before your jump. Make sure you have enough time to get ready for the jump don’t just show up at the venue without an hour or two to spare.

This is important to prepare yourself for the jump and feel the thrill of seeing other people jumping and in the end, noticing how saying yes to this adventure will change your life and kill your fear.

Bungee jumping

5) Listen to your guts:

You can always try again later if needed, but nobody wants to see someone get hurt because they didn’t listen to their gut instincts on this one!

See, you will be definitely scared for obvious reasons, but don’t confuse it with your instincts or gut feeling of not jumping and thinking, ‘Oh my god, this is too high, I should not jump’. Be smart to differentiate between fear of trying something new and adventurous and instincts.

But, above all, all the best for your first Bungee Jumping adventure where you can conquer your fear. Yes! You Can Do It.

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