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In India, there are many cities that are known for being the best cities to celebrate the new year 2023. But, we know what color the blood of a party animal, its party color! And just for you guys, we have created a list of 5 exotic cities where they celebrate the new year like nowhere else.

Read on to know our top picks for your new year’s excitement where you will find so many options and nothing can go wrong there as there are multiple options here you go you will have the best New Year’s Eve and there you will have the best start of your year feeding well to your party soul. We will reveal the most perfect city at the end of this article to keep up the thrill! Read on.

Here are 5 Best cities to celebrate the new year 2023 for party animals in India:

5) Bangalore:

When it comes to the New Year celebration, Bangaloreans are not behind. With amazing weather, Bangalore has classy clubs to make your New Year’s Eve perfect. You can also explore nearby excursions to Bangalore for a starry night and something different.

To see places that are true paradise, you need to travel just a few kilometres from Bangalore, and in every direction of Bangaluru, after 30 to 40 km starts one destination which has its own charm. And as a city, Bangalore has amazing clubs having various stunning new year’s events and parties. The choice is yours!

New year in India

4) Delhi:

Capital of the country, Delhi gives you the feel of that top-notch classy party feels with world-class clubs and new year special events happening throughout the cities. Just reach there, hunt a bit and you will automatically smell the party blood out there and find a place for your great evening. Every place here serves something or the other unique for your new year’s celebrations.

It’s the capital of the country, how can it be disappointing? Nope! Not a chance. Book your entries before you reach there. Do your research online, which club is hosting what new year special event, and choose what suits you the best.

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3) Mumbai:

Talking about the financial capital of India, the amazing city of Mumbai is never behind in organizing world-class new year events and parties where the world wants to travel for their new year. Mumbai being a city that has beaches, greenery, exotic resorts just a few kilometers away from the city and modern infrastructure can be one of the best places to party like never before.

The weather in Mumbai during the new year is very soothing free from humidity and rain. Like Delhi and Bangalore, Mumbai is one of the coolest cities in India which has exotic clubs and super awesome nightlife. So, you won’t regret going to Bombay for welcoming your year.

2) Manali:

Now! What to say about Manali, we are sure someone you know is already traveling to Manali for their new year. Manali, Himachal Pradesh is an amazing destination for your party soul. It is situated in the Himalayas and offers breathtaking views of valleys and snow-capped mountains. It’s a fantastic location for snowboarding and skiing as well. Now imagine partying between such kind of nature’s beauty. Exotic right? Manali is a paradise for nature lovers & party animals alike.

Hence, if you love winter, nature, snow-covered mountains, valleys, etc, then what will be the best place other than Manali to celebrate the new year? The snow-covered mountains and chilly weather of Himachal Pradesh are heavenly at this time of the year, and the town of Manali is bustling with activities and a lot of events making people choose their new year destination as Manali.

New year in India

1) Goa:

Number one on our list is everyone’s favorite, GOA! This place, oh my god! Best place to celebrate your new year if you have that party soul inside you. Goa offers amazing and trending party clubs in India with top-class facilities and crazy sound.

Beach parties, club parties, cruise parties, private parties, jungle parties, you just ask it you will have it. What kind of party do you need is everything available there. The whole of Goa is on fire during New Year’s Eve to welcome the next year with multiple options for enjoyment.

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