All You Need to Know About the Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls: Ontario, Canada


I know what you are thinking. Let’s close the debate right here. The Niagara Falls is hair-raisingly bewildering from both the Canadian side and the American side. Estimated to be 12,000 years old, the Niagara Falls has managed to take our breaths away since from the T.V channels could remember. It looks striking the whole year.

Literally! But I’d say that the Niagara Falls is a ravishing beauty during the Winter Festival of lights. The festival takes place for 101 days starting from November 12th to February 20th. During this period, you can see the expressive lights displaying its beams in marvelous technicolor. Founded in 1982, the WFOL is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

niagara falls festival

Where does the Winter Festival of lights takes place?

The winter festival of lights is Canada’s largest outdoor light festival. Captivating displays of light and most beautiful decorations are to be witnessed this year. The festivities takes place from the Niagara Falls town in Ontario and brilliantly illuminates downwards to the Niagara Parkway to queen Victoria Park.

The places clasped by the festival are Clifton Hill, the Victoria Centre, Fallsview Boulevard, and Lundy’s Lane.

The rainbow bridge is decorated in lights and Christmas decorations during the WFOL. But I recommend having all your papers with you if you are crossing over to the other side. My advice is to just wave at your American friends.

niagara falls festival

What to see at the Winter Festival of Lights ?

Take a walk at the whole place. The entire place is lit up for you to just get bored. The Christmas colors and the larger than life displays of fireworks will keep you asking for more. If you are an enthusiast about light shows, do not miss the opening ceremony. The opening weekends are just Son et lumiere.

Many Celebrated artists are seen performing along the way. Get yourself in sync with all the lively music and the buzz around you. The winter festival of lights is not only a light show, but a local tradition now. People from far away cities are seen gathering here to enjoy a visual treat. The best place to visit with family and kids during the winter.

The place is stunning all day round. I recommend visiting at dark. You will see charismas lights and a million of other lights attracting you.

As you walk along the way you can see a sea of food trucks, games, workshops and market places. A perfect place to begin your charismas shopping! The floral show house is one of the highlights of this place.

Do not miss the charismas flower show here. Cyclamen, poinsettias free flying tropical songbirds and diverse kinds of flowers are decorated with.

Winter wonderland

Illuminations of all kinds takes place at the festival including, the world’s largest Canadian-American Flag, fifteen Canadian Wildlife displays, Niagara’s historic Skylon Tower, and the two-storey high Zimmerman Fountain, the light show on the Power Generating Station, the three-dimensional Angels at the Niagara Parks Police Building and Noah’s Ark.

The laser shows at Clifton hill are to die for. All these illuminations and displays begin from 5.00 PM till midnight.

niagara falls festival,events

Events during the festival

Winter Fireworks Program presented by Fallsview Casino Resort.

Sparkle Lighting Awards

ET Canada New Years Niagara Falls

Additional weekly programming.

What’s new this year?

Each year the Niagara Falls festival of lights has grown throughout the years. As this is the 40th year the, the WFOL becomes a beloved winter destination. As this marks its 40th year, the 40 nights of free indoor family entertainment is offered during nights and the weekends.

Photographs with Santa are free this year! The falls are specifically illustrated will connection to the anniversary. There is a new hot chocolate pathway!

niagara falls festival,fire works

Fireworks schedule

November: 12, 18-19, 25-26 at 8:00pm

December: 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 26-31 at 8:00pm

December 31 (NYE at 12:00am)

January: 1-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28 at 8:00pm

February: 3-4, 10-11, 17-20 at 8:00pm

When to visit the winter festival of lights?

The internationally rewarded festival starts from 12 November, 2022 and ends on February 20, 2033.

The festival display and the illumination of the falls begin from 5.00 PM every day, even during holidays and ends midnight. Isn’t this the bucket list winter destinations?


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