Welcome Summer With These Vacation Spots Near Chennai


Tamil Nadu is one of the most beautiful states in India in the southern region of India which boasts beaches, forests, wildlife, and an abundance of natural beauty.

As summer is approaching, there is a necessity to go to places that are not too much hot for this time of the year. If you are in Chennai, we have curated some of the best weekend gateways from Chennai to go with friends, family, and loved ones.

Yelagiri Hills:

Yelagiri hills are a good option for summer vacationers who want to visit a hill station close to Chennai. For those who are tired of city life, the picturesque surroundings of this hill station are the ideal choice. In this mountainous town, you may find a huge variety of orchids.

Yelagiri offers a variety of activities for both kids and adults to enjoy. You can attend the well-known summer festival, which is annually put on by the Yelagiri Tourism Department Board, especially in May.

Yelagiri Distance from Chennai: 230 kilometers

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Palani Hills:

On the west, Palani Hills joins the Annamalai Range. The Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is made up of the hills’ lush vegetation. Adventure seekers favor this location for an activity like trekking & hiking. The central temple of Lord Muruga, who is revered as the chief deity in Tamil Nadu, is also located there. Kuthiraiyar Waterfall is one of the must-see attractions in Palani’s Dindigul district.

Palani Distance from Chennai: 530 km

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The Western Ghats, known for their attractive hill towns, include Yercaud. Salem, which is 35 kilometers away and 5 hour journey from Chennai, is the closest town. The Yercaud Lake, around numerous attractions including Deer Park and Arthur’s Seat are located, serves as the destination’s focal point.

One weekend is more than enough to see everything Yercaud has to offer. British colonists founded Yercaud in the nineteenth century, and it offers a number of viewpoint sites where you may enjoy the best views of the valley.

Yercaud Distance from Chennai: 349 km


Kotagiri, which lies in the Nilgiris region, is one of the most popular summer holiday spots close to Chennai. You have to explore the beautiful tea farms when you are in Kotagiri. Trekking across the verdant countryside is an option for those seeking escape.

With all of its tea fields, views, and verdant hills, it has an identical atmosphere to Ooty but with less of a touristic feeling. For a tranquil weekend in the midst of nature, Kotagiri is the ideal hill station.

Kotagiri Distance from Chennai: 538 km

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Kanchipuram is awash in both spirituality and artistic expression. It is a well-known center for hand-woven silk sarees in India, and the locals have been weavers for many years. Due to the presence of 15 (approximately) Lord Vishnu Temples out of 108 total, Kanchipuram is often known as the “temple city” around Chennai.

You must visit one of the many Hindu temples that are scattered around this sacred area and should witness the beauty it holds. Go to the Kanchi Kudil Museum to learn about Kanchipuram’s history and appreciate the Dravidian architecture of the Jain Temple.

Kanchipuram Distance from Chennai: 77 kilometers

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