Updated: Avoid These Most Common Mistakes While Applying For An Indian Passport


If you have applied for a passport in India, there are certain reasons why your application may be rejected or there is a chance for rejection. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid while applying for an Indian passport which can save you from rejection.

If you have applied for a passport in India but have been rejected, it is important to know why. There are several reasons why your application may be rejected, and each one can have a different impact on your ability to travel internationally.

If you are applying for an Indian passport, you have to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes while applying. There are many things that can be done while applying for an Indian passport and these can help you not get rejected.

Below are the common mistakes to avoid while applying for an Indian Passport:

1)Not providing enough proof of your identity:

The Indian Passport Application Form asks for documents that prove your identity and address as well as other information needed to apply for the passport, such as your name, address, date of birth, nationality, and gender along with proof of citizenship or residency in India like PAN Card or Voter ID Card, etc.

If you do not provide these documents properly when filling out the form then your application will not be accepted by the authorities at all!

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2) Application form errors:

Failing to provide correct personal details in the correct place. There are many fields on this form where you need to enter certain details about yourself such as your name/nickname, date of birth/age as well as information about where you were born (country), parents’ names, etc., which all need to be entered correctly in the right place so that they match what is stated in your passport application.

Be sure to carefully read the instructions before beginning to fill out the application form. Incorrect information entered in the wrong column may result in the application being rejected.

3) Never ignore the ECNR box:

Make sure to tick the ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) box for everyone who has completed grade 10 or has a higher education degree, and has all necessary documentation on hand as proof. If not, you can be stopped at the airport in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, or the United Arab Emirates.

Please note that your passport will come under the ECR Category if you have not completed your tenth grade or class, or if you are unable to provide your matriculation or higher education passing certificate proof.

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4) Using an incorrect photo/signature of yourself:

The passport application form asks for a photograph of the applicant and a signature. The photo should be clear and professional looking and the handwriting legible. If your signature is illegible or smudged, then it will not be accepted by the authorities.

Even if your photograph is not matching with the authentic one then they might reject your passport application. Make sure to sign the original and if you can’t do it right at first, do practice your signature beforehand.

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5) Not taking police verification seriously:

The local police’s verification of your home address during the passport application procedure is among the most crucial steps. Further, you must make a mandatory presence at the address which you have given in your application. If you don’t show up, the police may provide a conflicting report, which is a sufficient justification for rejecting your passport application.

Every passport application must go through the police verification procedure to make sure that “The applicant lives at the address provided in the application” and “The information provided about the person on the application form is true”.


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