Unbelievable Places On Earth Where There Is No Moon As Sun Never Sets


Our planet earth is a magical place and has a lot of natural and man-made wonders. We all always belove and have seen that there is approximately 12 hrs a day and 12 hrs a night as our clock runs on this algorithm. But what if I say that there are certain places on the planet where the sun never sets for months and it’s always a day there?

Thinking how it is even possible right? But this is true, the geographical setting of such places are in such a way that the sun is always up there for at least 70 days at one go and people over there miss the moon and night peace. Want to know the places where the sun never sets for months?

Here is the list:

1) Norway:

Norway, which is in the Arctic Circle, is known as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. The sun never sets for around 76 days between May and late July. The area is completely covered by bright sunlight for roughly 20 hours every day.

The sun is always out in Svalbard, Norway, the northernmost inhabited area of Europe, from 10th April 10 to 23 August. You can stay there for days on end because there is no night-time there. When visiting, don’t miss to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.4

2) Iceland:

Iceland is a beautiful country and the 2nd largest island in Europe after United Kingdom. Iceland receives sunshine from 10th May through July, during which the sun is always above the horizon. More than anything else, Iceland is famous for its auroras, which overshadow the absence of sunset for people.

In addition to the mesmerizing northern lights, the nation provides a wide range of enjoyable activities, including hiking, wildlife viewing, whale watching, caving, cycling, and visiting national parks.

No Sunset

3) Nunavut, Canada:

In Canada’s Northwest Territories, 2 degrees just above Arctic Circle, is where Nunavut is situated. Throughout the summer, this area has around 2 months of nonstop sunlight, while the winter months bring about 30 days straight of complete darkness.

Only 3000 people live there, and it raises questions about man’s abilities to endure and live in such icy environments. People still are living there and enjoying their life apart from their daily life challenges.

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4) Yukon, Canada:

The city is the 2nd largest nation in the world that has extensive snowfall each year. But, in the northwestern region of this place, the sun shines nonstop for 50 days throughout the summer. Yukon is referred to as the “land of the midnight sun” because of its magnificent sky and endless summertime light. All of this enables a pristine environment filled with wildflowers as well as a wide variety of migratory species.

5) Kiruna, Sweden:

For nearly 100 days out of the year, the Kiruna with the population of 19000 in northern Sweden doesn’t experience a sunset. The most popular time of year to visit this location is from the month of May to August each year, when there are no sunsets. Another tourist attraction in this region is the Kiruna Art Nouveau Church, one of the world’s most wonderfully built churches. Also, there is a lightening fact about this location that it is lit for almost 100 days a year.

6) Finland:

Finland doesn’t need an introduction. After all, it is the renowned Northern Lights location. The majority of Finland’s regions are located close to the Arctic Circle, where they can enjoy the Midnight Sun. As a result, several areas around here enjoy 73 straight days of sunshine! Consider how people will manage their sleep cycles in this place. People are said to sleep more in the gloomy winter months compared to the lazy summers.

No Sunset

7) Barrow, Alaska:

The polar night, which lasts for 30 days from the beginning of November and is characterized by the sun not rising, compensates for the fact that the sun does not set here from late May to late July. This also implies that during the severe winter months, darkness prevails throughout the nation. This area, known for its snow-capped highlands and mesmerising glaciers, is accessible both in the summer and the winter.

8) Saint Petersburg, Russia:

Last but not least and to my surprise St. Petersburg in Russia has also its place on the list where the sun never sets for months! The world’s northernmost city goes for roughly a month and a half without seeing a sunset. Despite being densely inhabited, the sun never sinks low enough to cause nightfall in the city.

The residents of St. Petersburg make the most of the long nights by staying out late in cafes and restaurants. Numerous eateries and pubs are open 24 hours a day. Other tourist destinations are open late as well.


Some parts of the planet are totally different from others, one such case is the places where the sun never sets for months, it a geographical wonder as the placement of such countries are in such a way. It definitely disturbs the biological clock of locals but they are born and brought up in such an environment that their bodies adapted to this unique environment and people are living in such places making the world think of it as a wonder.


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