UK PM Rishi Sunak Approves 3,000 Visas for Indians Per Year Under New Scheme; Know Details


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has approved 3,000 visas annually for young professionals from India to work in the UK. The British government asserted that the India is the first visa-national country to benefit from the UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership, which was established last year.

UK Prime Minister tweeted, “Today the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme was confirmed, offering 3,000 places to 18-30-year-old degree-educated Indian nationals to come to the UK to live and work for up to two years”.

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It should be mentioned that Rishi Sunak met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the margins of the 17th G20 Summit hours before the statement was made. After the first British PM of Indian descent took office last month, they met for the first time at this event.

What are UK-India Young Professionals Scheme and who can apply?

The UK will grant 3,000 visas annually to degree-holding Indian nationals between the ages of 18 and 30 who seek to visit and work there for up to two years under the new UK-India Young Professionals Scheme. A reciprocal system will be used.

Applicants for the Young Professionals scheme must possess a diploma or degree that is equivalent to at least three years of higher education & be fluent in the language of the host country, in contrast to the Youth Mobility Scheme, which has neither educational requirements nor English language requirements.

UK Visa news

The eligibility rules have not yet been finalized, but it is also likely that the visa may require sponsorship or a job offer from a named employer, differentiating it from the unsponsored Youth Mobility Scheme option.

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