Two Shining Eyes of Udupi : Two Bioluminescence Beaches in Udupi


Located around 10kms from Udupi District, Mattu beach is gaining popularity for its bioluminescence phenomenon at night. This mystic beach glows to life at night. The remote location of this beach makes it even more scenic and one of the best bioluminescence beaches in Karnataka.

Mattu beach is all you need for a nice getaway and one the best places for a beach vacation in Karnataka. The Mattu beach gets its name from the village it is located in, Matti village or Mattu Gulla. The village is typical small village in the coastal Mangaluru style.

Here in Matti village, you will find the green variety of brinjal (not the usual purple type). This type of brinjal seeds is believed to be gifted by the God Vadiraja Swami.

Mattu Beach

You can see a fast agricultural land growing brinjal around Mattu and is quite popular. The first brinjal grown here is offered to Lord Krishna at the famous Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi.

Mattu beach is famous for its scenic beauty and its amazing sunsets. One would feel like taking a bow at this small and Mystic beach.

Location: Take a small diversion from NH66 and drive along the coast of the beach.

Not far away from Mattu Beach, there is yet another beach which outshines its secluded spot. The Padukere Beach is a rising star among the beaches of Mangaluru coast. This beach bears the uniqueness of bioluminescence phenomenon with Mother Nature.

Gained popularity when a fishermen saw the waves crashing and glowing an exalting neon blue, The Padukere beach has been in the spot light ever since.

This beach is less popular among the crowd. Due to that, it is a very quiet and tranquil place. The Padukere beach is a perfect place if you are looking for some privacy and to spend time with family.

Padukere beach

Why are these 2 beaches the shining eyes of Ududpi you ask?

Caused by a microscopic algae bacteria called phankton causes beach bays to glow. There are many types of species with the same chemical compound. A local algae plays its part too. These bacteria function with photosynthesis. They take sunlight and make their own energy. Being every tiny and unable to move, these bacteria ‘drift’ along a water body.

Until recently, there was no way around to go to Padukere beach. Now, you can see a bridge built by the tourist department. The Padukere beach is a fantastic place to enjoy a quiet evening and for long walks. You can see the beautiful islands floating afar from the beach.

Location: 15 Kms from Kaup Beach, 29Kms from Udupi.

When is the best time to see bioluminescence?

During the New moon. When there is no moon to spread her light on the ocean and it is dark. You can see the bioluminescence drifters basking in their luminous glory every night.

Did you know?

The word Plankton in Greek means ‘Wanderer’ or ‘drifter’.

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