Two Indian Men Broke World Record Of Travelling 7 Continent In Just 3 Days, Know Details



A fresh year just started and what a fresh news we have got to hear! Two passionate travelers from India made an astonishing World record which is a motivation for every traveler to go out and explore the world. Let us know further about these two incredible Indian Men who just made a miracle happen.

In just 73 hours, two Indian men named Dr. Ali Irani & Sujoy Kumar Mitra broke the previous Guinness World Record and proudly set a new one for the fastest time to visit all seven continents in the World.

The fastest time to visit all seven continents, according to the record book’s website, was accomplished by Sujoy Kumar Mitra and Dr. Ali Irani on December 7, 2022, in Melbourne, Australia. Their exact time was 3 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes, & 4 seconds.

World Record

The seven continents:

North America
South America,
Antarctica, and

Oceania was all visited by Mr. Irani and Mr. Mitra over the course of four days. The two left Antarctica on 4th December 2022 and landed in Melbourne, Australia, on 7th December 2022 and hence they broke an outstanding world record of traveling all 7 continents in the shortest time.

About the record breakers:

Irani and Mitra are both highly enthusiastic travelers. The 64-year-old Dr. Irani is a well-known figure in his area and has served as the physiotherapist for the Indian Cricket Team. He has already visited more than 90 nations.

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Sujoy Mitra left his job as a corporate executive to follow his passion for travel and launch a travel-related business. Sujoy wants to become the most traveled Indian, and he is well on his way to achieving that goal after seeing 172 of the 198 countries on the global map.

They both shared their thoughts saying that traveling removes boundaries and brings people from all around the world together. It feels great to break a world record for a subject that both of us are quite enthusiastic about. Irani commented on the amazing performance, saying, “We are honored by this success and hope it will motivate in some way to encourage more people to travel & discover our wonderful planet.

World Record

It is an honor to hold the Guinness World Record, but we also think records are supposed to be broken, according to Mitra. Even though this wonderful voyage is over, we still have a lot of goals to reach. Although we may have succeeded in breaking a record today, someone else will do so tomorrow. They indeed gave a message to the world that magic will happen, so love the battle, treasure the trials, and strive to fail better.

Now you must be thinking that are they the first ones to make such a record? But let us tell you that the previous record was set by Dr. Khawla AlRomaithu of the United Arab Emirates, which was 3 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes, & 48 seconds, according to Guinness World Records. On 13th February 2020, in Sydney, her record-breaking journey came to an end with great success, and her name was engraved in Guinness World Records.


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