Top 5 Tricks for a Successful Car travel with your Dog


‘Taking your dog on a road trip can be super enjoyable and highly stressful. It takes a while for dogs to get adaptable in a new space. Unless you had your pooch since he/she was a puppy. Dogs are highly sensitive when it comes to trusting new places and people. Especially if he/ she is an ‘outside’ dog. It takes extra effort by the owner to make them comfortable.

Professionals recommend socialising dogs when they are still pups. Here is I am going to share a few tips on travelling on road with your dogs that will help you deal with the scenario.

Dog travel guide

Dog – Tired!

The most important trick to use on your dog before a road trip is to tire them out. Drain their energy by playing fetch or any activity that tires them. This avoids your furry baby from getting all excited in the car. And dogs are always excited in a new place. By pumping out their energy you can stop them from jumping up to you while driving.

If your dog is hyper, you should definitely take him/her for a run or a swim before the car journey. The more they are tired, the more they relax. Maybe fall asleep in the back of the seat. That’s even better.

When it comes to service dogs and high alert dogs like a German Sheppard or a Milionis or a Doberman, they usually tend to reserve their energy. And try to guard you even in the car. The best trick for hyper dogs is to feed them before the trip. In the dog world, a car ride is not freaky than a public ride. The aggressive and guardian traits won’t come out that easily if you feed them before the trip.

Doggy Feast

Let’s make it official – Anything involving a dog should involve treats. Have a plenty of treats with you in the car. Your doggy should realize that this situation is important and if he behaves he will get a treat.

Reward good behavior. He/she will continue to do it. This way, a dog quickly adepts to the surroundings. Also, carry your dog’s food and water bowls. If you can, pack it in front of him. That way, he will come to terms with the trip.

Dog travel guide

His/Her Royal Woofness

The most important trick is to get your furry baby comfortable. Especially if you own a large breed dog. Use a dog seat or a big dog bed. Get him/her all comfortable and cozy. Do not make the dog feel claustrophobic though.

Move the seats if necessary. Start the journey only if your pooch is comfortable and ready. If they have an emotional support toy, carry it with you. Anything that makes them feel like home.

Seat Harness and Crates

A very important accessory while travelling with your dogs. Just like you need a seat belt, your dog needs a seat harness. This will avoid them from flying around in the car when you slam the brakes. Or even if the roads are bumpy or downhill.

Securing your dog is an important and a responsible tip for an accident free successful road trip. Another option is a crate. If your dog is used to a crate, just take it with you. This is useful if you have a fluffy buddy. There are many options for transportation crates for pets. Crates will avoid your doggy’s shedding all over your car and also keep them secure.

Doggy Prison ‘Break’

To douse the boredom of a long drive it is important to make necessary stops for a while. You might be feeling ok but your dog has needs. He needs to take a leak or drink water.

For a smooth road travel with your dog you need to make stops. Maybe take a walk in a new place or play fetch. This way your dog doesn’t get bored and will stay put for the whole trip.

Extra Useful Tip: Be aware of motion sickness in dogs. Carry the necessary medication for motion sickness and also your dog’s essential medicine.


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