The Peculiar Bucket List of Indianapolis


The most Peculiar Things to do in Indianapolis

The most Peculiar Things to do in Indianapolis

Known as the Racing capital of the world, Indianapolis hosts most of the single day events with a million of floating population each day. The Indy 500, the Brickyard 400 and the U.S. Grand Prix Formula One race. Professional sports are a big deal here with the Indiana Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts. What’s peculiar about that? Nothing. Just a heads up from a Formula 1 lover. The peculiar things you must do in Indianapolis are –

Speculate The Ruins in person

Speculate The Ruins in person

The Ruins, located in Holliday Park at 6363 Spring Hill Road consists of sculptures that formerly were a part of the St. Paul Building in New York City before it was relocated to the park. New features have been added to the remains of the building. Now the art in here is known as The Races of Man. It is definitely an interesting and beautiful piece of work to see. The place is open for interpretation and will serve wildly to your imagination.

Pay a visit to John Dillinger’s Grave

Know who that is? John Dillinger was the most notorious gangster during the great depression. He is the main guy who led the terror gangs of the era. Dillinger robed most of the banks in Indianapolis during the depression. What is peculiar is that, actually an irony, John Dillinger’s grave was tried to be robed so it is buried under iron and concrete. You can see John Dillinger’s Grave at 700 W 38th Street, Indianapolis.

Explore the Indiana Medical History museum

Explore the Indiana Medical History museum

The place looks like freshly out of a suspense or horror thriller. The Indiana medical history museum goes past to a 100 years. Medicine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was nothing but peculiar. The tools they used, the equipments, the types of tests conducted, you learn all about this in here. The place consists of historic autopsy room, laboratory, and medical school amphitheater. You will have to schedule a tour to see all of it. The Indiana Medical History Museum is located at 3045 Vermont Street.

See the out-of-the-world Indianapolis Moon Tree

Depending upon the person, what you consider as peculiar or interesting is gauged. Me, I am such a Look at the moon type person. The moon just fascinates me and many others to be sure. This tree in Indianapolis is the tree whose seed was taken to the moon.

It is located at 200 West Washington Street. The tree is 30 years old. What is special about these trees are, only a few of them are left. Better to pay a visit to the celebrity Moon Tree of Indianapolis before they retain to history and books.

Wander in the lost Market street Catacomb

The market street catacombs were a underneath cold storage. It is a web of tunnels underground connecting the city together. Today, you can find a thriving market on top it accompanied by amazing cafes, delis and operating markets. It used as a place cool store food for the market and to transport items, including meat. You must definitely take a tour and wander about the tunnels of history in Indianapolis.

Visit Children’s museum of Indianapolis

The kids might enjoy the day at the museum while also learn a thing or two. What is peculiar about the museum? There is a huge dinosaur crawling up the building. A life-size learning tree is the setting for reading time. Real stage is set up for precious puppet shows here. Scientific exhibits, an arts and crafts area, and toys from the past, a huge stuffed polar bear and a water clock are also included. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Indianapolis. You and anybody who visits here wouldn’t be able to forget this for the rest of their lives. Must visit in Indianapolis!

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

– John Green, The Fault in our Stars


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