The mystical ‘Red Rock Country’ – Sedona, Arizona USA


Known as “Red Rock Country,” Sedona, Arizona is home to a huge range of outdoor sports and activities in a backdrop of spectacular scenery, a robust spiritual and artistic community, many ancient dwellings and more than 80 galleries. Sedona’s red sandstone formations is the catch here.

The place serves as an amazing backdrop for photography, geography enthusiasts and hikers. Sedona’s low levels of pollution make it one of the finest places in Arizona to view the night sky. See, the place is just incredible both during the day and night. Many camps and organizations work for night sky tours and hiking in the region.

Visit one of the area’s many spiritual guides and healers who have inhabited Sedona for many years, and claim the area possesses extraordinary powers for meditation and healing. Explore the Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock or Boynton Canyon, which some claim were created by electromagnetic vortexes of energy.


For a better understanding of Native American history of the area, visit the Palatki and Honanki heritage sites, where you can see ancient cliff dwellings and rock art. Montezuma’s Castle, a five-story, 20-room dwelling built by the Sinagua farmers in the 12th century, is considered as one of the best preserved historic structures in the Southwest of US.

Must visit places in Sedona – Arizona

Old Creek Canyon

The Oak Creek canyon is a best place for swimming and some fishing. The place is located in a scenic road drive along the way.

Red rock State Park

The red rock state park will tell the why Sedona looks the way it looks. The pace also provides you will the best views of the region. a nice place to take your kids and a best spot in Sedona to take a pic for the Gram.


Bell Rock

Take a walk along the beautiful path of the red rocks to see a nice bell shaped red rock along with the fantastic Verde Valley. The place is famous for its butte landmark and breath taking surroundings.

Cathedral Rock

The cathedral rock is quite famous among visitors. The whole of the rock structure looks like a giant sacred monument overlooking the red rock landscape. This is an amazing photography location! The night sky filled with starts along the backdrop of this beauty is just mystical.

Cathedral Rock

Chapel of the holy cross

Humans have the amazing talent to force thrust god in every other place. No offers to the believers though. Am an atheist, I’ll go to hell in many religions anyway. So saying, this Chapel build between the red rocks looks like a half open book that is upside down.

The insides will be gory with the sad guy hanging over the cross but the outside is just great to look at. It is as though, the chapel is emerging from two of the rocks…

How to reach Sedona?

Flagstaff Pullium Airport (FLG) is the closest small commercial airport to Sedona, just a 40-minute scenic drive away through Oak Creek Canyon.

United and American Airlines flies connecting flights through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX, Denver International (DEN) and Dallas Ft. Worth (DFW).

In the city, you can rent a bike or a car


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