The Grand Canyon’s Best Scenic Viewpoints

The breathtaking views that Grand Canyon National Park is known for are seen in all directions. Here are a handful of our favourite views, which range from those on the Rim to those deep into the Canyon.

Mather Point, South Rim

Mather Point is often the go-to famous vantage point if you’re travelling to the park’s South Main Entrance on the South Rim for the first time. It’s a fantastic introduction to the Grand Canyon’s size. 

The hours shortly before sunrise or after dusk are the most tranquil times to visit.

Redwall Bridge, North Rim

The South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is where most visitors stay since it’s simpler to get from any direction and is accessible all year long as opposed to the North Rim, which is closed from October to May.

Additionally, most visitors to the Grand Canyon never venture beyond the Rim, so unless you head to the North Rim and climb 2.6 miles down the North Kaibab Trail, you’ll miss out on this breathtaking panorama.

Nothing compares to seeing the deepest areas of the canyon exposed when the early sun slowly descends the canyon walls.

Hopi Point, South Rim Trail

Along the South Rim’s Rim Trail, at Hopi Point, you can see the Colorado River carving into the canyon to the west and enjoy one of the best sunset viewing spots in the world.

Shoshone Point, South Rim

Since it is not particularly marked on any park maps, Shoshone Point is a unique vista that receives very few visitors. You may find a parking area with picnic tables and facilities if you continue driving for a mile along the unpaved East Rim Drive.

You will need to get out of your automobile at this location and walk through ponderosa pines to the rim in about 20 minutes. The point is a naturally occurring protrusion of granite that offers more than 180-degree views of the Grand Canyon.

Toroweap/Tuweep Overlook

Located at Toroweap, sometimes called Tuweep Overlooks, you can see the Colorado River rushing down the canyon in all its glory. Given that most people cannot access it, it offers a very secluded, rural experience. 

You’ll need to drive a high clearance vehicle to reach this site. Additionally, there is no access to phone service, food, water, petrol, or housing, so be sure to be ready before you travel.

Black Bridge or Silver Bridge view from the River

Along the Colorado River region, the Black Bridge and the Silver Bridge have supplied crossings for hundreds of miles in both directions.

Standing on any of these bridges, you could experience a deep sense of gratitude for being one of the very few people who get to cross the bridge relative to all Grand Canyon tourists. 

Angel’s Window, North Rim

Cape Royal on the North Rim, which is situated on the southernmost point of the Walhalla Plateau of the Grand Canyon, offers views of Angel’s Window.

The Colorado River may be seen through the natural arch’s “window” on an easy half-mile walking route that leads off the main trail.

To reach a vista on the pinnacle of this protrusion, more intrepid hikers might carry on along the route across the arch.

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