Tata, Infosys Showing Interest In Monument Mitra Scheme, Know What It Is


According to a statement made on Wednesday, 25th January 2023 by Govind Mohan, the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, the government will turn over around 1,000 monuments under the management of the Archaeological Survey of India towards the private sector for maintenance under the “Monument Mitra Scheme”.

What is Monument Mitra Scheme?

More than 1,000 monuments will fall under the control of the private sector with the Monument Mitra Scheme. The monuments will be renovated by the private sector as a part of their corporate social responsibility. Revamping refers to enhancing or altering a structure.

The Ministry of Culture will carry out the plan and the Archaeological Survey of India is currently responsible for maintaining 1,000 monuments that were chosen as part of the scheme.

By the end of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav on August 15, 2023, 500 sites under the redesigned Monument Mitra Scheme are expected to be handed over by the government.

The amenities at the monuments will be updated. Lighting and sound systems will be installed on the monuments. There will be more stores added. There will be development in the tourism industry.

Monument Mitra Scheme

The country’s historical sites are being actively restored by the Ministry of Culture. The government will present a digital museum to the leaders present at the G20 meeting. The country’s historical sites will be displayed in the digital museum.

The Monument Mitra Scheme was initially started by the Ministry of Tourism to adopt a location for maintenance and other associated tasks. According to Mohan, the scheme was recently moved from the Ministry of Tourism to the Ministry of Culture.

He added that the updated Scheme will be based on corporate social responsibility and that it would launch soon along with a new website. He added the names of the sites as well as other pertinent information would be on the website.

We will look to engage with the private sector to take over the preservation of 1,000 monuments, create light and sound shows, and manage other important tasks. One partner can participate in all of the activities or just a portion of them, Mohan explained.

The ministry will meet with corporations or entities interested in adopting a monument on 31st January 2023. According to the sources, preparations for the launch of the plan are in their final stages.

The goal is to implement projection mapping and sound and light shows in 500 locations, including well-known ones like Hampi, Purana Quila, Ajanta, Ellora, Mandu, Kangra Fort, and Golconda Fort.

Monument Mitra Scheme

Private companies who showed interest in the scheme:

On the website for this scheme, you may find information on the 1,000 available sites, as well as their components and characteristics, such as doorways, pathways, and domes, which can be used separately for different tasks like projection mapping. The ministry reported that several significant corporations, including Tata, Infosys, Jindals, and Yatra, had expressed interest in the Monument Mitra Scheme.

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MoU signed as per reports:

The Monument Mitra scheme was designed to improve tourist experiences while also guaranteeing the supply of high-quality services and facilities at historic locations. It began in September 2017.

The government entered into agreements (MoU) with private parties for more than 24 sites, including the Red Fort in Delhi, the Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra, the Aguada Fort in Goa, the Rani-ki-Vav in Gujarat, the Tomb of Abdur Rahim Khan-i-Khana in Delhi, the Dara Shikoh Library Building in Delhi, the Gandikota Fort in Andhra Pradesh, and the Dara Rahim Khan-i-Khana in Delhi.


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