Stay in the Shipwrecks at ‘The Gates of Hell’: Skeleton Island, Namibia


See one of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. A place with a treacherous history and emotions of its own. The Skeleton islands at Mowe bay. Home to the world’s highest sand dunes and the 2nd driest desert. The skeleton island is located at the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia and south of Angola to the Swakop River. In the Skeleton coast National Park which stretches along the Atlantic cost, the shipwreck lodge lies slightly set back from the ocean line.

It sits between sand dunes, perfectly impersonating an actual shipwreck. The shipwreck lodge is the only one in the property. Its remote acquaintance makes it a one time life experience. You can reach Mowe Bay by light aircraft or self drive. You can drive around in a 4×4 vehicle which you can access transfer at the Mowe bay.

The shipwreck lodge offers accommodations, bar, lodge, shared lounge and terrace making every sunsets and sunrise a nostalgic memory. All the lodges are separate and made of wood. The interiors are in a wrap-around style which makes it even more comfortable. They come fully furnished with cozy décor. What is even more amazing is that, the cabins are made to look like shipwrecks. You can take a flight safari in Skeleton Island and this beautiful masterpiece looks like tiny wreckages in the vast sand dunes of Namibia.

With wide windows and inbuilt fire place, the shipwreck lodge is a perfect destination to marvel the Atlantic morning chill through the sand dunes. I won’t be wrong if I say this is one of the unique and remote places to visit in Namibia. Offering one of the coziest wooden cabins out looking the Atlantic waves in Namibia definitely ought to be a worthy beautiful vacation destinations.

Though its dissolute look, the lodge is no short of food and drinks. From international cuisines to local food, the shipwreck lodge offers it all. The accommodations are simple and comfortable with double rooms and family rooms. The lodge also offers activities such as walking tours, Game drives and you always have the beach. Check out for more details in their official website.

Things to do in Skeleton Island

Things to do in Skeleton Island

‘Sublime’ is the word that comes to my mind for the skeleton island. The whale bones; the rock formations; clay formations; actual ship wreckages and a coastline. The Skeleton Island has been called ‘the gateway of hell’ for its dissolute and dry geography with a cold history. I have seen places of power.

This one produces it by itself and stands as an example of the balance of power on earth. More than 1,000 shipwrecks have been sighted in the skeleton island. Stories of survivors and witnesses are circling through the ages. The actual skulls and skeletons of humans and animals are found in the area. The ancient people have called it as the land god made in anger.

Many lodges offers safaris. Like, flying safari, honeymoon safaris. Most lodges arrange field trips to the nearest places of interest like, the rock formations, camps, canyons. The popular among them are Ugab formations and Hoarusib canyon. You can hear a reverberating roar from the sand. No, it’s not a lion but the release of air trapped between the sand grains.

Adrenaline fueled drive arounds will make your trip a fantastic experience. This place has a rhythm to it or you can say a heating heart. The nearest ship wreckages are shipwrecks of Suiderkus. A semi modern looking fishing trawler torn apart by the natural forces which set its maiden voyage in 1976. You can see its decaying hull that has been a perch for cormorants drying their outspread wings. You can see the bleached whalebones and spot lions. My advice is to take a drive to a remote area in Damaraland to meet a desert adapted elephant.

Many game drives takes place in the region throughout the year. Which includes driving through sand boards and quad bike. The air is damp in the mornings as it is near a coast line but the best time to visit is from June to October. If you want to visit during the bird life, that would be in November to April.

Other things to do in Skeleton island includes climbing the world’s highest dunes at Sossusvlei , Kayak with the seals at the Pelican Bay or take a field trip to meet the locals and relish their ways.

Other Lodges in the skeleton island

Other Lodges in the skeleton island

Kunene Camp

Serra Cafema

Kunene River Lodge

Places In To Visit in Skeleton Island

Places In To Visit in Skeleton Island

Etosha National park – 219 miles away

Koakland – 103 mies away

Damaraland – 112 miles away

Erongo mountains – 255 miles away

Swakopmund & Pelican point – 264 miles away

Walvis Bay – 281 miles away

Northern Namibia – 297 miles away


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