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Certain people in the world love sand & beaches, and some love snow. But some nature lovers can’t really be biased and loves snow as much as they love sand & beaches. And I am one of them, so honestly, I have many times imagined or wished, can I get all this in one place?

And I have found a place but before that, I have a question to ask, do you wish to know a place like this? Stay tuned and keep reading.

Without further ado, let me tell you that Japan is home to this unbelievable place and you can find this most unique nature wonder at Hokkaido Beach in San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark.


It is located in the west of Japan and stretches from the eastern Kyogamisaki Cape in Kyoto to the western Hakuto Kaigan Coast in Tottori.From Tokyo, it takes 5 to 6 hours, while from Osaka, it takes 3 to 4 hours.

About San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark:

San’in Kaigan Geopark is a world park that has been preserved due to its distinctive geology and surrounding landscape. The San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark is home to a variety of geological sites connected to the formation of the Sea of Japan, including granite outcrops created 70 million years ago when Japan was a part of the Asian continent as well as sedimentary & volcanic rocks managed to accumulate when Japan rifted away from Asia (25 to 15 million years ago), a geological process still in progress today.

Hokkaido beach

The park also promotes and preserves the local communities, history, and culture of the area. More than 1.68 million people visit the park each year thanks to a variety of leisure activities that are displayed and encouraged alongside heritage professions like fishing, farming, and craftsmanship.

San’in Kaigan Geopark received its initial designation as a Japanese Geopark in 2008, and in 2010 it joined the UNESCO World Geopark Network. Its territory has grown since joining the UNESCO Geopark family as a result of successive designation renewals. The park is presently managed by UNESCO.

It encompasses three main cities, towns & prefectures with a total population of approximately 400,000. Due to the three significant earthquakes that have occurred in the area, disaster-related geosites such as heritage sites for reconstruction and fault displacement also exist. These sites are used as teaching tools for disaster preparedness.

Moreover, nearby hot springs have long been valued as wellness getaways by locals. The area also features a large number of historical sites, including tumuli and ruins, which demonstrate the region’s wealth due to marine trade on the Sea of Japan and provide proof that Kitamaebune ships previously used the ria-type shores as ports. Different landscapes as well as bio-resources are safeguarded by laws and ordinances as well as by everyday residents’ actions.

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Must-visit spots at San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark:

One of Japan’s most stunning regions, the San’in Kaigan Geopark offers a variety of natural sites to discover. These spectacular landmarks are encircled by hundreds of kilometres of fantastic hiking and biking paths.

  • Tango & Sengan Matsushima, Tango Peninsula
  • Genbudo
  • Kinosaki Onsen
  • The Amarube Viaduct
  • Tottori Dunes
  • The Kannabe Volcano Group
  • Tateiwa rock
  • Yodono Domon Rock Cave
  • The Saruodaki Waterfalls
  • The Gomura Faultline
Hokkaido beach

How to reach San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark:

From Tokyo:

From Tokaido Shinkansen station to Shin-Osaka Station board a train which will take around 2.5 hours. Then you need to change for the Super Hakuto Limited Express train, which will take another 2.5 hours. Then take a bus towards Tottori Sakyu.

From Osaka:

The Super Hakuto limited express train travels from Shin-Osaka Station towards Tottori Station in 2.5 hours (2 hr 30 min).

Please note that San’inkaigan National Park has multiple bus routes as well as train lines that run through its territory. To get to the location that is more difficult to reach, you can also rent automobiles from Tottori.


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