Screening Of International Passengers At Bangalore Airport, BF.7 Variant, know details


The Karnataka government stated on Wednesday that it will begin screening overseas travellers at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport due to a significant rise in Covid-19 cases in China & Japan. The dates for the start of screening at the Kempegowda International Airport were not stated in the statement made by state health minister K Sudhakar.

In response to the current global scenario, we will need to take some precautions. There is a significant influx of foreign travellers at KIA. Hence, we will start screening travellers,” stated health minister Sudhakar. Also, a booster dose of the Covid-19 virus should be taken, the minister added, considering the surge in cases of the virus worldwide, particularly in China.

He declared that the state would provide updated regulations for COVID-19. The health department will adhere to the Union Health Ministry’s instructions and send the samples that were positive for genome sequencing to monitor the discovery of new virus varieties.


BF.7 COVID variant in India:

As of December 2022, India reported an average of 129 Covid-19 cases each day with a daily positive rate of 0.01 percent, according to However, a “new and highly transmissible BF.7 strain of the Omicron form” has been observed in Japan, the USA, the Republic of Korea, Brazil, & China, which has led to a “sudden spike of cases” globally.

According to officials, three instances of Omicron subvariant BF.7, which appears to be the strain behind China’s recent spike in Covid cases, have been found in India so far.

In October, the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center in India discovered the country’s first BF.7, new covid variant case. They claim that thus far, two incidents have been reported from Gujarat & one from Odisha.

In reaction to the identification of four instances of BF.7, the new variety responsible for the rise in Covid cases in China, the Center and the states have enhanced their safeguards against the contagious variant. Although the situation in China is worrying and millions of deaths are predicted there in the coming months, experts are hopeful that things would be different in India.


What experts are saying:

Due to China’s rigorous lockdown up until last month, which prevented the population there from establishing herd immunity, experts have anticipated that the BF.7 spread in India will be distinct from that in China.

Following a high-level meeting of the Union Health Ministry to review the current Covid-19 situation in India, sources with knowledge of the situation have reported that the Indian government has ordered to resume of a random sampling of international passengers for Covid-19 as of right now.

Preventive measures:

The Indian government has agreed to implement Covid-19 testing-associated measures at airports as part of precautionary measures as coronavirus infections rise globally, particularly in China, the United States, South Korea, Brazil, & Japan.

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