Saffron Festival Kashmir 2022 Dates, Venue, Things Do To, Attractions and Other Details


Kashmir observes the Saffron Festival for three days. Every October through November, the town of Pampore celebrates the event. The purpose of this celebration is to assist saffron growers in marketing their crop. Additionally, it wants to assist farmers in their massive saffron production.

The seeding and harvesting of saffron, its therapeutic properties, and the picking of saffron blossoms are all depicted in a film show that is organised during this festival celebration in Kashmir. This film display is followed by a cultural performance. Saffron growers are given a discount during the festival while also being informed of its advantages and therapeutic properties.

Saffron Festival Kashmir

Visitors who come during this time can view the stunning saffron fields. You may learn more about the cultivation of this priceless spice at this festival. The best part is that you can actually get this golden spice directly from the manufacturer. This festival’s primary goal is to honour the region’s produce as well as Kashmir’s traditional culture.

The beauty of Saffron Festival is that it brings together people from all over the world who come to see the festival and enjoy it together with everyone else. You will find people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds all in one place doing things they love to do. The festival has become very famous worldwide due to its unique way of celebrating culture ,heritage and spreading knowledge about the costliest spice in the world.

Saffron Festival Kashmir

Saffron Festival Kashmir 2022 Dates:

23rd October to 4th November, 2022

Saffron Festival Kashmir 2022 Venue:

Venue for Saffron Festival is The “saffron capital of India” is a small town called Pampore, located 14 kilometres from Srinagar.

Attractions & Things do to at Saffron Festival Kashmir 2022:

  • Visit fields of saffron
  • Learn how the golden spice is harvested
  • Buy Saffron
  • Try Kashmiri Cuisines, etc.

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