Rising Up From the Rocks – Uchisar , Turkey


Uchisar is a small and beautiful village at Cappadocia in Turkey. It is famous for its rocky and troglodyte peaks that offers panoramic views of the entire town. If you visit Uchisar, you will fall in love with it’s geological marvels and stunning traditional houses. You can spot Uchisar from far away because, the town is on a plateau and you can see the small windows built inside the rocks by the ancient settlements.

Uchisar is located in the Nevsehir and Goreme roadway. Uchisar is formed by hills and valleys that stood on a volcanic tuff plateau. Mount Oylu (1642 Mt), Mount Akdere (1543 Mt), Mount Kermil (Gemil – 1486 Mt) and Mount Kepez which make the borderline of Nevsehir, can be seen in Uchisar.


Nevsehir city stands on a large plateau that was formed with ashes and lavas from old volcanoes like Mount Erciyes, Mount Melendiz and Mount Hasan in central Anatolia. Uchisar is a dusky beauty. A true and natural wonder.

This place is a living example of the survival conditions of the prehistoric civilizations and their smart establishments. The place is also UNESCO blessed. Uchisar is a bucket list travel destination in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Explore Uchisar – Things to do!

Uchisar offers many trekking trails along the town. What is different here is, wherever you can be, colorful hot air balloons will loom above your head.

Surrounded by rock castles and beautiful sunsets, Uchisar is one of the best tourist places to visit in Cappadocia.


You can also take a much needed long walk.

Ride a hot air balloon. One of the must do things in Uchisar. There are many outlet and tourist places that offer hot air balloon rides all day. If you are in Cappadocia, hot air balloons are a must thing to do.

You can also go for a horseback riding in Uchisar.

While you are in Uchisar, you can also visit the Kocabag Winery and treat yourself to some authenticated Turkish wine.


Must see places in Uchisar

Visit the Uchisar Castle

The Uchisar castle is a natural rock citadel. Standing tall on the highest peak of the town, the castle can be seen given up on its older glory but, …But, the Uchisar castle is one of a kind. You will know why when you take a look at it. Uchisar Castle offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape of valleys, mountains, and towns.

The tallest fairy chimney in Cappadocia is carved with many rooms, tunnels, stairs, rock tombs, and a large water cistern. This beautiful rock castle is complete with Byzantine graves on top of the castle, that has been weathered away by time.


‘Fairy Chimneys’ are a thing in Uchisar!

Explore Goreme

Goreme is a natural wonder that is 13kms from Nevashir. All the best hotels and accommodations are available in Goreme. Goreme is basically a tourist hub. Taking fame for its unusually formed rock houses and picturesque landscape, Goreme is a must see place in Uchisar. Goreme is a small village of just over 2,000 residents.

Today, Goreme remains a little more than just a farming hamlet and more for its history. The ancient Romans are said to be the original settlers here.

You can also visit Goreme open air museum and Goreme National Park. The must see places in Gerome. The park is a World Heritage Site covering over 40 sq km (15.4 sq mi). The best way to see it is from above. Consider taking a hot air balloon ride over the entire park along with the landscape.


Shop at the Alatura Taner

The Alatura Taner is ashoping hub which sells all the local made handcrafts. You can just get lost its raw colorful beauty in the backdrop of all those hot air balloons overhead. The Taner is the best place for shopping in Uchisar.

Why is Uchasir like this?

All of the landforms in the region were created by these volcanoes. Solid and fluent substances from volcanoes covered the entire region as a horizontal layer covering in different colors and bardness in suitable places of the topography and specially in shallow lakes.

Shortly after the layer settled, it was rubbed off by wind and rain. That is why Uchisar looks so stunning and makes it upto your bucket list travel destination.


When is the best time to Visit Uchisar?

In Cappadocia and Uchisar which are in the Middle Anatolian climate line, continental climate is dominant. Winter in this region is chilly and summer is hot and dry. Autumn and spring is bascically rainy in Uchisar.

How to reach?

Uchisar is exactly at the center of Cappadocia. You can go to Uchisar from Nevsehir province by roadway 7 km. Nevsehir is 670 km from Istanbul, 280 km from Ankara, 750 km from Izmir.


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