Penon De Ifach- Smallest Nature Reserves in Europe


Penon de Ifach is one of the tiniest nature reserves in Europe, at only 45 hectares. It offers a great home to a diverse mix of flora and fauna, including more than 300 animal species and some rare and endangered species. The link to the mainland was made by centuries’ worth of sediment and debris dropping from the rock’s surface, which is actually a limestone outcrop from the sea.

It is situated in the Marina Alta neighbourhood of the municipality of Calp. A 332-meter-high calcareous conglomerate makes up El Penyal. There are two beaches in this nature reserve: Fossa and Cantal Roig. It is connected to the land by a sandy isthmus.

Penon de Ifach History:

This magnificent landform has a long history that stretches back to the fourth and third centuries BC. At that time, a little Iberian village stood at the base of the rock. Over time, the Romans took control of this and relocated their settlement to the isthmus that connected the rock to the continent. Although this eventually developed into Calpe’s major settlement, evidence reveals that people continued to dwell on the rock’s edges far into the Middle Ages.

Penon de Ifach

Penon de Ifach developed over time and became a beacon for sailors and seafarers as well as a watchtower defending Calpe from invading pirates. The rock belonged to the Calpe municipality until 1872 when it was transferred to private ownership. Before being designated a nature reserve in 1987, it was owned by a number of different parties. This prevents any further development, preserving the legendary rock’s beauty indefinitely.

Things to do at Penon de Ifach:

  • Red Route walk
  • Western vantage point
  • Windblown pines
  • Tunnel
  • Remains of an Iberian village
  • Botanist Cavanilles vantage point
  • Guard post
  • Summit, etc.
Penon de Ifach

How to reach Penon de Ifach:

First, get to Calpe; once there, follow the signs to Penon de Ifach, which are clearly marked. Parking spaces for automobiles are accessible at the base of the rock & at the nearby harbour. Calpe is well-served by public transportation, with trains and buses running at a variety of times throughout the day.

The Peón de Ifach can be reached by climbing up a certain path. Beautiful views of the Mediterranean can be seen from there, and on clear days, you can also see Formentera, Ibiza, & the Cape of Santa Pola.

Currently, accessing the ascending trail requires making a reservation in advance. Personal reservations are non-transferable.

Please note: It is advisable to check all the important information officially regarding your trip to Penon de Ifach before you plan to visit there.

When to visit Penon de Ifach:

Spring and Autumn


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