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Are you planning your vacation in Loreto, Italy? Are you looking for all the touristic information on Loreto? You are at the right place. Here you will find out about Loreto, a commune in Italy. Located between the Musone and Potenza Valleys and surrounded by sixteenth-century walls Loreto is famous for the house of the Sacred Nazareth family.

Everything revolves around the holy house here. It is believed that Loreto is the place of birth of The Holy Virgin Mary. No doubt that this place is the tourist attraction all year round and a very well renowned pilgrimage.

According to popular stories, after the Muslim invasion the house was transported by angels to the Marche hills. Loreto is also called as the Italian ‘Lourdes’. This commune of the Italian province of Ancona, in the Marche is most commonly known as the seat of the Basilica della Santa Casa, a popular Catholic pilgrimage site.

Anthropologists believe the Loreto area to be the oldest human settlement on the Baja Peninsula. Indigenous cultures thrived here due to plenty of water and food.


Important places of attraction in Loreto

Basilica della Santa Casa, Loreto

The Basilica della Santa Casa is a Marian shrine in Loreto, in the Marches, Italy. The basilica is known for enshrining the house in which the Blessed Virgin Mary is believed by Catholics to have lived. Many legends claim that the same house was flown over by angelic beings from Nazareth to Tersatto, then to Recanati, before arriving at the current site.

The structure of the Cathedral is just so magnificent. The interiors will completely blow your mind while also breath a kiss of gentle spiritual energy. The Cathedral in Loreto is a must see place.

I respect all religions and cultural believes. I personally don’t understand or like to acknowledge the ‘virgin’ thing. What’s with the virgins’ dude? Why refer to Mary a

s a virgin even after giving birth to the Christ? I see it as a disrespect towards motherhood. What message does that give to young minds who learn about it? That Mary gave birth to a Godly man and she is refer her as a virgin? She isn’t respected as the mother of Christ? The same virgin thing can also be found in Islam. Which I consider to be a sick mindset but let’s not go there. However, it is a personal opinion and isn’t meant to hurt anybody’s feelings.

Cimitero militare polacco di Loreto, Loreto

It is one of the four Polish cemeteries located in the Italian land. There are 1112 graves of Polish soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps from World War II. They are buried in the cemetery, among others such as, Major Dipl. Stanisław Otton Drzewiecki, Lt. Col.


Emil Gruszecki, second lieutenant Zbigniew Okulicki, Lt. Col. Tadeusz Borkowski. The cemetery is located on the slope between the Santa Casa sanctuary in Loreto and the Adriatic Motorway with an amphitheater view of the sea and Ancona.

Museo Storico Aeronautico Loreto, Loreto

Museo Storico Aeronautico Loreto is located within Loreto and belongs to category Specialty museum, History museum. A good place to learn about history and aeronautics.

Palazzo Apostolico, Loreto

Palazzo Apostolico is a historical site and a sacred place in Loreto. Apostolico is a good place to take a nice walk in Loreto and learn more about its history and culture. Nearby attractions include Museo Storico Aeronautico Loreto, Loreto (2 min walk), Basilica della Santa Casa, Loreto (2 min walk), Cimitero militare polacco di Loreto, Loreto (6 min walk).

How to go to Loreto?

There are direct flights to Loreto International Airport (LTO) from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Dallas on either American or Alaska Airlines, as well as some flights from Canada and other cities within Mexico.


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