Pakka Local Bucket List of Namma Bengaluru!


Karaga, Dose, IT, Weather – A fantastic four suite of Bangalore. You can call Bangalore a superhero now. With so many accolades and so many different powers. While the Cubbon Park, summer palace and ISKON will be our all time favorite, let me help you with a huge serving of local things to do and local place to see in Namma Bengaluru! The article also includes the best of everything Bangalore has to offer. Including the traffic.

A one day trip in Bangalore is possible but you will be tangled up in Metro line. The beautiful Namma metro line. I assume you are not stupid enough to try and plan a single day trip on the roads. So, we will be left with trains. Make use of the metro and try to cover some the iconic places in Bangalore.


Hit it off by wandering the Pete areas of Bangalore

Pete in Kannada means small towns. The Pete areas in Bangalore are the oldest places. Dating back to the rue of Nada Prabhu (father of the state- who first discovered Bangalore) Kempegowda himself. These petes are many with varying forms and types. Each one with its own story and own market. Such as – Akkipet (rice merchants); Chickpet (retail market); Balepet (bangle sellers and musical instrument vendors); Cottonpet (cotton traders); Doddapet (wholesale market) namely a few. These places make a perfect location for street photography in Bangalore. Also a nice place for some quick shopping.

Bow down at some of the famous temples in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to many temples which dates back to hundreds of centuries. The ‘silicon valley of India’ can offer the best spiritual vibes you can ever experience. Banashankari Temple is the one I would like to recommend. It has been there for a while, if nothing the place offers very serious divine vibe.

Bangalore used to be the garden city of india with many gardens which we call Bana in old Kannada. It is possible, the name of the city came from there and this mighty goddess sits proof to it. the name of the city might have also come from the Benga trees that were found in the region. Also the famous Benda- kaalu- ooru or the boiled beans city or bengavalina ooru (city of guards). Anyway, we like to call it Namma Bengaluru!

Gulp down the yummy delicacies of VV Puram Chat Street

VV Puram aka Vishveswara Puram is the hub of street food in the city. from yummy Golgappas and hot steamy momos, the place is a foodie’s paradise. The city also offers the best restaurants and variety of cousins’ scatters across its space.


Talking about food, try Dosa in Vidhyathi Bhavan

Located exactly at 32, Gandhi Bazaar Main Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Vidhyathi Bhavan is the most famous food joint in Bangalore. The place offers authentic south Indian food. Started in 1943 as a small student’s eatery has grown into a heritage south Indian restaurants. Their masala dosa is a must try!

Kayi Holige or coconut pancake is rated as the best sweets of Bangalore. You can find Holige mane across the city offering the best kayi holige.

Witness the iconic Bengaluru Karaga

Karaga is a traditional folk dance form of Karnataka. the festival of Karaga is the oldest festival celebrated ill today in Bengaluru city. The legend of Karaga goes back to the ancient epic of Mahabharata. Karaga is celebrated to mark the homecoming of Draupathi in the form of Adi Shakti (the first form of shakti or life which is a female obviously).

The Karaga has a history of 300 years. A veerakumara, the person who carries the karaga is selected by the festival community of Thigala sect. Karaga translates to earthen pot or a mud pot. The Karaga is decorated heavily with jasmine flowers and is carried on the head by the Veerakumara. The festival is celebrated on full moon day of the first month of Hindu calendar (Chaitra). The festival begins from the Dharmaraya Temple in Thigalarapet in Bangalore. The festival is held to honor Draupathi as an ideal goddess and celebrated as a homecoming for her annual visit.

Take yourself to shopping at M.G Road

M.G Road in Bangalore is the one time shopper’s stop. The place is an explosion of all kinds of shops. Whatever you need, if you don’t find it anywhere, you will definetly find that thing in M.G Road. This is an unwritten secret of Bangalore. If you say that you didn’t a particular thing, the next question from the listener will be, did you check in M.G Road?


Spend a lovely day at Guhantara Resort

A perfect place for a one trip in Bangalore. Located Exactly at – Sy. No. 177 & 177/18, Nowkal Palya, Kaggalipura, Off Kanakapura Main Road, South, Taluk, Bengaluru, Guhantara resort offers many activities, accommodation and a great time. the place is built to resemble an actual cave. It is also india’s first underground cave resort. The indoor and outdoor activities will leave you coming back again and again.

Chug freshly crafted beer at Toit Bangalore

Located at Indiranagar, Toit is a Brewpub that offers handmade Beers. Authentic trait of Bangalore. The outlet has gained fame recently and is famous among Beer lovers. The pub also offers good food and variety of hand crafted beer. I took the liberty to mention this place because it is regional and grounded. Something Bangalore should be appreciated for.

Get your adrenaline pumping at Area 83

Area 83 resort is an adventure getaway in Bangalore. The place offers many activities such as Painball, kayaking, archery, tree climbing, a high level swing called superman, sky swing, Bubble soccer, human foosball etc. isn’t this the place to ooze some pent up energy?

Address: 313, Bannerghatta Road Shanbhoganahalli, Bilwaradahalli, Bangalore.


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