No Passport, No Ticket: Abu Dhabi Airport, Read Now


At the Abu Dhabi airport, the UAE introduced a biometric service, under which a passenger’s face would serve as his boarding pass and there is no longer a need for a passport or ticket.

In other words, travelers at the airport can use their faces to obtain boarding passes. Face recognition services will be launched at a few self-service luggage touchpoints, immigration e-gates, & boarding gates. Then, this will be applied at all airport passenger touchpoints.

The tech startup NEXT50, based in Abu Dhabi, developed this cutting-edge AI technology. At the Abu Dhabi airport in the United Arab Emirates, the company will unveil its cutting-edge AI solutions with its international partners IDEMIA and SITA in the field of technology and artificial intelligence.

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Technology-advanced biometric cameras will be used by the systems to confirm passenger information at a number of airport touchpoints, including the self-service luggage drop, business class lounge, passport control, and boarding gates.

As a result of the new technology, Midfield Terminal Building will become the first International Airport with biometric features at all customer touchpoints, improving the passenger experience overall.

The biometrics effort is a part of the Emirate’s goal of going digital, according to Ibrahim Al Mannaee, CEO of NEXT50. He added, “The airport will have biometric technologies integrated across all consumer touchpoints when the project is finished, making it the only and most unique airport in the area.”

This will enable Abu Dhabi Airport to fulfill its goal of running the most cutting-edge airport in the world while ensuring a comfortable trip for every passenger. We are pleased to collaborate with IDEMIA & SITA and to contribute our knowledge of data sciences and artificial intelligence to the realization of this effort”.

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What SITA & IDEMIA said?

SITA’s Middle East & Africa President, Hani El Assaad, stated, “Future airports will be powered by technology that makes travel safe, easy, and seamless at every turn. This most recent implementation demonstrates the capability of Smart Path to provide a seamless experience where a passenger’s face serves as their boarding pass from check-in to boarding.”

According to Osama Al Makharmeh, executive director of IDEMIA, “Through this agreement, users will have an unmatched airport experience without compromising security. This demonstrates our ability to continuously innovate to maintain customer confidence and help pave the road for even more convenient and secure travel in the future.”


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