Most Unique And Interesting Facts About Kathmandu, Nepal


Kathmandu, also known as the city of glory has diverse culture, heritage & religions which are because of its foundation. It stands top of archaeological, historical, and cultural travel destinations in the world.

Kathmandu has so much to offer with surprising facts making it one of the unique capital cities in the world. Kathmandu the capital of Nepal has numerous interesting facts one can learn before their trip.

Here are some most unique and interesting facts about Kathmandu, Nepal:

1) The World Heritage Sites:

Seven of Nepal’s ten World Heritage Sites are exclusive to Kathmandu. With this, we can understand Kathmandu is the name of a World Heritage Site. In the year 1979, UNESCO designated the Kathmandu Valley as a World Heritage Site.

Kathmandu facts

2) No Foreign Invasions:

Kathmandu’s magnificence lies in the fact that it has never been governed by another nation. Even though the British also controlled China and India, no foreign forces ever invaded Nepal. Very few nations come under this list. Among them, Kathmandu is one.

3) A capital city that ranks among the highest in the globe:

The phrase “highest capital city in the world” refers to cities that are both the capital of their respective nations and are located at a high elevation. At 4539 feet above sea level, Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is listed as the 17th highest capital in the world.

4) Original inhabitants:

The valley’s native inhabitants are generally considered to be the Newari community. In the valley’s two-millennia-long history, numerous ethnic and racial groups have lived there and dominated it. Newars are said to be the successors of these groups.

5) Kathmandu was a lake:

Some legendary tales and writings claim that Kathmandu was once a lake that was later transformed into a city. Kathmandu Valley was once an enormous lake that was encircled by the Himalayan mountain range. There were tonnes of floating lotuses in this enormous lake. It’s fascinating that geologists concurred that the claim is accurate.

Kathmandu facts

6) Tourism Gateway for Nepal:

In 1950, Nepal finally let the outside world in after years of seclusion. Following this, an air service between Kathmandu and Raxaul was established in 1956, opening the city to tourism. Kathmandu is a well-liked travel destination for mountaineers, trekkers, and adventure seekers because it is the entry point to Nepal’s Himalayan range.

7) Perhaps you can see Mount Everest:

The highest mountain on Planet Earth can be seen from Kathmandu, which is only 240 kilometers away. On a clear day, Kathmandu’s Chandragiri hills provide an expansive view of Mount Everest and the Himalayan mountains, which are located in Nepal’s central region of Kathmandu Valley.

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