Manali Winter Carnival 2023: Facts & Information


Manali is one favourite destination of every Indian where they love to travel once in their lifetime. Manali attracts thousands of foreign and lakhs of domestic tourists every year and the peak ime is during winter especially the new year and following the Manali Winter carnival.

Every year Manali welcomes the tourist first for the new year celebration and then win their heart by hosting Manali Winter Carnival every year in January which showcase the rich cultural beauty of Himachal Pradesh, winter sports, local authentic handicrafts, delicious cuisine, etc.

Manali Winter Carnival 2023 Dates:

The amazing Manali Winter Carnival will start from 2nd January to 6th January.

Manali fest

How Manali Winter carnival started?

The first Manali Winter Carnival took place in 1977, with a strong emphasis on skiing as a famous winter sport. It should come as no surprise that Manali offers some of India’s top skiing slopes, and throughout the winter, visitors from across the nation travel to Manali to engage in the famous winter sport.

They later decided to expand the carnival and add more unique attractions as the winter sport grew in popularity and drew large numbers of tourists.

The carnival gradually began to include elements of the Kullu and Manali traditional cultures. Some of the main attractions of the carnival included music, dance, & food. However, for a while, the carnival primarily featured winter sports and stopped including cultural things. But in 2008, it was revived once more.

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Attractions at Manali Winter Carnival 2023:

A large parade on Mall Road serves as the official opening of the Manali Winter Carnival. It is a colourful spectacle with young children costumed in traditional Himachali clothing. The start of the festival gives so many cultural vibes and you will be amazed seeing the colourful opening which gets you more closer to Himachal Pradesh’s traditions and culture.

Following the parade, there are events where both locals and visitors can participate, including singing & folk dance competitions, wonderful street plays, games, and sports. In order to take part in this carnival and to spend their new year with a blast along with the carnival’s fun and unique experience, a large crowd of visitors from Manali and its neighbouring towns gathers.

Manali fest

Key highlights at Manali Winter Carnival 2023 include:

  • Carnival Parade
  • Winter Queen contests
  • Cultural programs
  • Sports activities and events
  • Folk Dances
  • Music
  • Bazaars
  • street plays
  • classical dance performances
  • fashion shows
  • folk dance competition
  • Talent shows, etc.

How to reach Manali Winter Carnival 2023:

By Air: The nearest airport to Manali is the Kullu-Manali Airport at Bhuntar, and that is approximately 50 Kilometres away.

By Rail: The nearest and the most convenient railway station from Manali is Chandigarh, which is approximately 320 Kilometres away.

By Road: The nearest major city is Kullu to Manali, which is approximately 40 kilometers away where buses run on a daily basis.


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