Malana, Touch Me Not Village Of Himachal Pradesh, India


Himachal Pradesh hosts a unique town around 8,700 ft above sea level, which is home to many secrets and the best things. Yes! We are talking about the one and only paradise place for many, MALANA, a synonym for Hashish.

Malana people don’t let you touch anything in Malana. No, it is not any caste system, you will get to know as you read the article more about it and their philosophy which will surprise you.

In this article, we will understand together, what Malana is so famous for, its location, Malana’s philosophy, why they don’t allow anyone to touch their homes, things, and themselves, and many more secrets that are known to everyone.

Where is Malana located?

This paradise village is an ancient village isolated from the rest of the world and is situated on a remote plateau beside the Malana river at a height of 8,701 ft (2652 m).

It is located in the Malana Nala, a beautiful side valley of the famous Parvati Valley to the northeast of another well-known Kullu Valley where the peaks of Chaderkhani and Deo Tibba can be seen from the village.

Why is Malana famous?

The whole world knows that Malana is famous for its “Malana Cream”, a produce made from the cannabis plants that grow in the Parvati valley. Malana cream is regarded as high-purity hashish throughout the world which has also won awards.

Malana is also famous for all its stories which say that the villagers are descendants of ‘Alexander the great’ and also for the unique laws, and culture they follow. This all makes people excited to visit the village and see how they live.

Malana is also a popular destination for trekkers and hikers, as the village is surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests, and valleys.


What is ‘Malana Cream’?

Since the community is well-known for this particular Malana cream, we are aware of it and know that it is a secret known to everyone. The best cannabis in India is grown there. Malana is well-known for the cannabis hashish variety known as “Malana cream,” which has a high oil content and a potent scent.

Hashish fans from all over the world flock to Malana in large numbers every year. There is no particular season, Malana is open to all throughout the year. Despite the fact that it is forbidden by Indian law. The Malana Cream is renowned throughout the world for its top-notch hashish.

Malana cream won the title of Best Hashish at the High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup twice, in 1994 and 1996. This demonstrates that Malana cream is of the finest quality. Its high oil content makes it special and highly desirable.

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Who are these touch me not villagers?

The locals of Malana are the direct descendants of “Alexander the great”. At least this is what they believe saying that they have Aryan blood flowing through them for years and this is one of the reasons for the village’s fame.

Villagers here look down upon everyone who is an outsider. They think they are superior and look down upon the rest of the world.

When it comes to the men and women of Malana, it is said that the ladies in Malana do everything, from harvesting, cutting, selling, cooking, etc and all the men just chill day and night smoking hashish!

Why don’t they allow any outsider to touch them?

As mentioned earlier keep this in mind that you should not be mistaken in thinking that there is some sort of caste system or anything like that. No, Malana locals won’t allow any physical contact with any outsider. They consider themselves to be superior to the rest. That is why they refrain from physical contact.

The villagers consider themselves to be pure Aryans and to be descended from Alexander the Great. The Malana people are quite stringent about the law of not touching or socializing with any outsiders; if you do, they would either charge you a fine or get a quick bath as you touched them. I know this will make you feel very weird, but yes they do so.

Hence, it is advisable, not to touch them or their belongings and respect their rules during your visit. Not just the people, but also their possessions and the walls they live in are off-limits to visitors.

Apart from that, they believe that their temples and “Kanashi” language are too sacred for others to enter or learn. Despite the rigorous laws, the inhabitants are noted for being friendly.


What are the other Malana rules?

  • For a very long time, its residents avoided contact with neighboring Kullu villages; the village council refused to acknowledge the Indian state; and it fought all outside influence.
  • They are particularly protective of their natural resources, so it is forbidden to hammer nails into trees, take dried twigs and leaves out of the forest, or burn wood there.
  • Similar restrictions apply to hunting wild animals, which is only permitted occasionally during the year with the village council’s approval.
  • If wild animals attack the villagers’ flocks of sheep and goats, hunters are dispatched from the hamlet to the meadows to kill them.
  • Additionally, if a bear is slain, the hunter is rewarded but is required to place the bear’s fur in the Devta’s Bhandara.
  • The prohibition against police intervention in their system is another odd but real rule.
  • Anyone who requires police assistance must pay a 1000 rupee fine to the village council.
  • A guy may have several wives, and if he divorces one of them, he is required to support her financially.
  • Anyone who weds someone from outside the village shall be permanently exiled.

Summary of the secrets of Malana:

  • Malana Grows The World’s Best Hashish
  • Malana is home for ‘Touch-Me-Not’ Villagers
  • People are allowed to take photographs of Villagers, but video, a big fat NO
  • They follow the ancient Greek system and consider themselves to be descendants of Alexander the Great.
  • Touching is completely not allowed be it their temples, walls, or villagers as they believe that they are superior and look down on everyone who is an outsider.
  • Don’t fret if a child offers you hashish there. It is because Hashish is so widely available and openly distributed.

Can you stay in Malana?

There are no lodging alternatives in Malana because the area forbids tourists from accessing the village lifestyle. Keep in mind that there are plenty of places to stay in the area around Malana but not here.

There are a few eateries towards the end of the village where you can spend one or two nights. Be careful not to interact with or touch locals.

How to reach Malana?

The most common and easiest way to Reach Malana is through Jari.
Arrive in Bhuntar by morning by taking a direct Volvo or HRTC bus from Delhi, ideally an overnight trip.

Using public transportation, take a bus to Kasol. Once you arrive in Kasol, take a taxi or a private jeep directly to Malana because there is no public transportation to Malana beyond Jari.

The hired vehicle or cab will drop you off at the gates of Malana, and you’ll have to walk the rest of the way. From here, it is a 4-kilometer hike to Malana.


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